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  1. I am also having this problem. I can only see the youth intake on the transfer screen during 1 month of the year (June) and it’s a select number of clubs, not all. However newgens are continued to be added, they just don’t show up. Needs fixing, this is a major bug.
  2. I currently have an Acer Aspire 5733 (i3-370m 4gm 500gb) laptop...its pretty terrible for FM. Mainly because it overheats (im guessing cpu problem) and turns off. It's relatively new so I'm looking to trade it and get something worthy of FM. My budget is fairly low, mainly because i won't use it for anything else. I'm fairly computer illiterate in terms of specs. Just wondering where to start looking and what the most important specs to look for are; i'm guessing processor is key?
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