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  1. Of course pkms are needed for the ME team to draw their own conclusions from your subjective opinion. If no one shares pkms, then they wouldn't be able to pinpoint if the "complaints" derive from 1 tactical instructions and role combinations 2 actual bugs 3 user's misperception of the occurring events. It is clear that you have misunderstood the purpose of the pre-release beta. It is not for you to recieve the final game early, it is actually SI reaching out to the community to get help to further improve the game before the release. If you aren't able to agree on those terms and rather help than rant, I suggest that you wait until the game is out.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't call this evidence. Sure you show that your squad have on average lower attributes than the league average, however it does not give information about the actual players playing. If you are able to create good chances you are less dependent on good finish, also finishing is just one of several attributes that decides the ability to put away chances. I still stand on my point that if your squad have relatively better attributes for gegenpressing than the opponent have composure and technical skills on the ball you will be able to stress them enough to win the ball back. I believe your results are more dependent on you choosing the correct formation and player selection rather than it is just to choose gegenpressing and you cruise home the title no matter level. Lastly, this is pure speculation on my behalf, but the managers in lower leauge are not good. I don't know if this has anything to say, but in my world a lower quality manager would have more trouble adapting to the opponent than a top manager. This is pure speculative though.
  3. I don't know if I would call it OP. Liverpool coming 2nd and winning CL with a squad made for gegenpressing. Can't say that it makes gegenpressing OP. As for LL, I can see that it is very efficient pressing the opponent high and hard considering that lower league players lack good compusure and first touch which will give them very short time trying to handle the ball and do something cobstructive with it. Honestly a high line with slow players does not necessarily mean that you will have a leaky defence. If the opponent only clears the ball with no purpose most of the clearances shoukd be easily handled by most defences.
  4. I think that fluidity can be helpful to some extent when analyzing the opponent. You can find different fluidity tags in the opposition report and get a hint of how the transistions of the opponent may be, given that they don't surprise you with another set up. So the tag in TC seems to be there just to match the opposition reports. But, as each manager choose their own duties the tag become somewhat redundant for own tactics. I can be totally wrong, but I do find some use of the new fluidity just not in the TC.
  5. I haven't tried the OI with just the FB. I've had it on the backfour+keeper and when specifically pressing five opponents seemed to make my players forget the other remaining six. But I should definitely try with only pressing the fullbacks. Do you try to show on foot aswell? I try to show on where I have a numerical advantage which most often is in the center of the pitch.
  6. I totally agree with the build-up from the back. I also find safer and more presice in my opinion. Though i find the pressing comes a little bit short when playing against an opponent who also builds up from the back, but it can also depend on my lacking in top quality in my squad.
  7. Hi, first of all credit to for a very interesting article and a bunch of great ideas. I've tried the tactic that you've posted with my Bechem-side and succeded with 73% possession against Anderlecht (i'm newly promoted to fisrt division) and i saw a lot of beatuiful passing even though it was a loss with 1-2, but I believe thats just a question of quality difference. Have you ever considered playing with a lower mentality or maybe its impossible to retain the high pressing, but maybe you can reduce the risk a little bit on the way forward to the opponents third?
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