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  1. Ideas for future games....

    Managers giving orders and hand signals at the side of the park, physio's on the pitch, police & stewards, ground camera's, seeing the players move up the stairs to lift the cup then seeing all the camera's around the ground flashing, make the whole winning a cup something special,
  2. cards temp is good, i have a large tower with a well vented case, card is about 3 weeks old, i can play modern warfare 2 without an issues, which is a high demanding game, if that was crashing as well then i'd be worried my first thought was the graphics card was over heating, but it only happens when FM2010 is loaded up, the only thing i have not done is completely delete the whole game i do have loads of custom tactics & training saved, additional team logo's, badges, hair styles for gen players ect to enhance the game a bit more, maybe it's corrupted config files i'm very pc literate, always keep my system clean and dust free, always get the best drivers (until now that is ;-) and always keep my system up to date, it's a self build as well so i know all the parts well and can usually spot a problem before it happens, but this one has got be puzzled,
  3. yeah, maybe they're too hot for the game to handle, ;-), it's so annoying, even if i load the saved game, minimise the screen so i can jump on the net for a bit or even play some sounds, the same crash happends, that leads me to believe it's a corruption of the saved game loading up, which sadly means a complete re-install with loss of progress
  4. the game ran fine on my XP 64bit machine, but i am having some snag with windows 7 premium 64bit, the game after a couple of seasons crashes, i get a screen freeze covered in black horizontal pixilated lines and need to hard re-boot to get the pc working again, call of duty MW2 works fine, so i know my gear is good, might be the game save is corrupt, hoping i don't have to re-install everything and lose my progress, which seems likely now...otherwise the game runs like a dream on max settings
  5. training

    for youth i do separate custom training on gk, def, mid, fw, the main players i do gk, full backs, center half, mid def, mid attack, wingers, striker, forward ect, my strikers do plenty off shooting & ball control with very little to no defence work, wingers do ball control, attacking, set pieces ect, midfield cen do a mixture of def + att, but i put a lot of emphasis on set pieces, usually score a lot from corners all my players do at least just under high fitness training, enough so they don't get injured or knackered to easily
  6. The money in your contract?

    With high wages for a manager, we could then create a side game called - Football Director 2011, as an ex manager becomes a millionaire director of a lower league team ;-)
  7. I play the game via Steam, all my other games work fine, like Call Of Duty ect so I know my gear is good. I have a new nvidia 9800gt, dual core 3.2ghz athlon, 4gb ram, windows 7 premium 64bit up-to-date, i have tried various drivers for the graphics card, i have backed up the game via steam, then deleted it and restored, yet the same crash happens every so often. Game patch has been updated via steam client as well. Basically the entire screen freezes, keyboards locks out as well and i get a load of short black pixilated horizonta lines all over the screen, only happens with FM2010. I need to do a hard re-boot every time. I have sound disabled, tried using the steam cache/integrity check, even lowered & raised the graphics levels, still no difference, happened about 2-3 seasons into the game. The only thing I have not tried is a full re-install and completely wipe all the saved files as well...which will be the last thing I'll do. Sorry...it's horizontal lines, not vertical. Any ideas?