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  1. btw RTH,you couldnt handle this team and this set up
  2. 1st of all its annoyingly great that you always have logical explanations.thank you for all of that.second,i watch key highlights and suarez agüero ronaldo bale miss complete open shots in the box and some of them are even off target.leaving space is not important for us we are real madrid when the big games arrive i play 4141.the reason why i was angry i watch nearly every single game of those players and havent seen them miss an open shot except bales 1 on 1 in cl final.lets forget about everything;suarez...didnt see him missing a thing.if it was allowed he would score from throw in.when he misses 1 on 1s i go crazy.sorry for all those bullsh*t,let me get to the point.why is that a problem everyone is going inside?
  3. hello, i've posted few tactics asked for helps and stuff.most of the replies was my tactic was bad or i couldnt get enough ccc's etc.this is the limit.im about to go crazy. this is my 1st half stats.21 shots,10 on target,5 long shots,1 woodwork and SEVEN clear cut chances!!. guess whose are missing everything. these are the players who miss every f'ing thing. SUAREZ AGUERO RONALDO BALE i bet some of you will say "players can have bad days" etc. but its not acceptable answer.those 4 are always in bad days.the most important thing is im not complaining about points.i win,i lose or i draw thats not important in this case because i have 4 of the 5 best strikers in the world and cant score while i create good chances.
  4. only difficulty is goalkeepers.just make them go for crosses which are going into 6 yard box and then all will be fine.
  5. in my opinion target man is not good for a lone striker if you think he is strong you should try defensive forward/support to press but i prefer complete forward/s for lone striker.you have 2 specialist roles so you should go with very fluid or fluid.you dont have to play attacking football because your board wants that.if you win they will be happy.play the way that you feel great def counter standart or overload its up to you.im bad at instructions too but only think i can say is dont use offside tactic it sucks,so these are my opinions for you.
  6. actually,every time game shows key moment which is a free kick either my team or opposition its a score.nobody misses even with 8 free kick taking rating.
  7. im new in this game too.been playing for 3 weeks and the most important thing ive learned is never use offside trap never
  8. maybe you should play with more attack duty players.defenders would go to defend them and your striker could have little bit more space i guess.
  9. its really hard to defend in this game.im dealing with that problem for 3 weeks(ive started to play 3 weeks ago).i concede %80 of the shots on target.keepers dont go for crosses,they dont even jump to balls which are going into 6 yard box from corner kicks.i might have tactical problems but keepers are complete idiots.anyway my tip is,forget about defence,OVERLOAD!
  10. llama, i use the tactic 3 or 4 replies above and the thing is i got red card a lot and i switch the tactic 4-2mc-amr-aml-st and the team is playing much more better.whats wrong with trequartista?should i use dm instead?
  11. yes i get caught on counter a lot but when i make man marking then player leaves his position and there will be a lot space for them.stay on feet wouldnt be bad for final 3rd press?
  12. i concede most from free kicks and corners.i have def set piece match training but it cant save free kicks i understand that.players with 11/12 free kick taking scores.when i concede 1 on 1 i accept that because its easy to score but still thier players with 11/12 finishing scores much more than mine with 16 from 1on1s.im still unsuccessful but not that much away from being successful.what do you suggest to prevent my team from 1 on 1s because as you said its very aggressive in final 3rd.
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