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  1. Don't know if it's been mentioned already but when creating a manager have a way of setting a personality. Such as letting us add few descriptor lines which are then used in media releases. I think it already happens to an extent but it would be nice to have control over it. i.e as opposed to "Zamalek have appointed Joe Bloggs as their manager" you put in this prefix text box, or select from existing presets, and it becomes "Zamalek have appointed passionate young Joe Bloggs as their manager". A list of presets you turn on and off just like shout instructions would add variety instead of the same line we've written repeatedly in every media release. Or you can simply choose a preset personality, or several personality traits, which SI have put half a dozen of these different descriptors in the background for. Something simple that would help to flesh out the stories a lot of us follow and make for ourselves while managing.
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