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  1. So since the last update, every single player of the month award (and defensive player of the month) have been going to goalies. Even many of the Rookie of the Month go to goalies even when there are skaters with much more impressive stats. Now sometimes a goalie deserves it sure, but before the update I never noticed goalies winning it more than maybe once per season. Now it is happening every month. This has gone on for three seasons so far in this save.
  2. No I'm having the same problem. On the Group dropdown it won't let me switch from Group A to Group B or etc. This is with any international competition, WJC, WC, Olympics.
  3. Not that much, but still, more than never, and there are a lot of instances where an RFAs rights will get traded (i.e. Brandon Saad this past offseason).
  4. It's really impossible (at least in the NHL) to trade for anyone worth anything. Unless a player is on the trade block, you really cannot trade for them. Here is a trade that I tried to make that was rejected: That's every draft pick of mine for the next five years plus two top prospects. For one first pair defenseman, but not elite by any means. That's ridiculous. And sometimes you will gauge interest and they will say they do not want a player that they have **** of interest in. You really cannot trade for anyone worth any kind of value unless they are on the trade block or if it is trade deadline day. Also on another note, NHL teams never sign other teams' RFAs. RFAs almost always (I've never seen them not) re-sign with their previous team.
  5. Still nothing new on this in the new update. Seeing depleted college rosters with 30 year olds and talented prospects stuck in crappy junior leagues is getting a bit bothersome, especially considering this wasn't a problem in 07.
  6. I believe he is using the U20 teams to showcase the prospects coming out of the draft, which is the issue, not the developed players.
  7. Seems like this is a common issue the further you get in. See this thread too.
  8. Yeah, what I do is I go and sign these prospects from the NAHL/USHL/BCHL etc. and send them to the CHL teams that have their rights, rather than let them sit in the lower junior leagues. And none of them end up going to college.
  9. Just a follow-up on a related issue - it doesn't appear that players are even signing with NCAA teams at all. Many players are "aiming to play college hockey", but outside of those committed already in the rosters, none of them ever end up going to college (and you get a roster of 30somethings). I don't remember that being an issue in 07.
  10. Just got the game a few days ago and am enjoying it. However I am noticing issues with the college and high school leagues in the US. The high school leagues (Minnesota, Wisconsin, CT, MA, NE prep, and a few others) are unable to be scouted. The reason for this is that they aren't listed under any nation - only given a reputation (local). I'd assume if they are listed as a US league, they would be able to be scouted/drafted from. With US college leagues, they are able to be scouted, but the league alignment is off. CHA and the CCHA still exist, and conference realignment has not been changed. Such as UConn still being in AHA instead of HEA among others. Also, there is no age limit. I realize technically there isn't an age limit in the NCAA either, but very rarely are players older than 22 or 23. Seeing 30 year olds in college isn't right. Thanks and keep up the good work with the game.
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