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  1. I would love to see a larger level of intervals for the player attributes in the game. My issues with the current version is that it only goes from 1-20. Which is too low in my opinion. I know footballers performances depends on more than one or two specific attributes regardless of their played position on the pitch. But there is a reason why EA sports FIFA and other similar football games have chosen to make the intervals larger than 1-20. In my opinion a difference between 1-20 is not enough to define the difference between Messi or CR7´s abilities to finish (score goals) which both would be about a solid 19-20 in FM and a random youth player at ages 15 playing in the lower division with a 1-5 level in finishing. I hope you got my points her and I excuse for my bad English. I am Danish after all and trying not to use Google translate all the time
  2. I support the suggestion about a stadium editor function. But first of all I think more has to be done by SI to design more realistic stadiums. An example is that the design of oval stadium like olympic stadiums with running tracks are totally missing in the game. Like the olympic stadiums in Berlin or Rome or the oval stadium in Naples. I know that ovals stadiums is not an ideal place to play football because of the loss of atmosphere from the crowd. But the reality is that a lot of clubs actually plays at oval stadiums with or without running tracks which is why the stadium type should also be in the match engine.
  3. Widther intervals in single attributes like finishing, tackle, dribling, passing and so on. I did like it to be more like FIFA with attributes levels from 1-99 instead of 1-20 like in the current FM 19 version.
  4. Widther intervals in single attributes like finishing, tackle, dribling, passing and so on. I did like it to be more like FIFA with attributes levels from 1-99 instead of 1-20 like in the current FM 19 version.
  5. Hello everybody I downloaded the editor data pack Japanese-football-pyramid from this link https://www.fmscout.com/a-japanese-football-pyramid-for-fm18.html back in November 2017 before the official 18.3.0 FM update was released. The issues is that this file is not comparable(not working) after the new update it will not run a new the game when I choose the pack . Its simply stops loading a new game. Does anybody know if its possible to overwrite this file in the Editor data so it will become comparable with the new update 18.3.0 version? Ps. I have tried to contact the guy who created the file but without any luck and added the file below. I appreciate your help guys Kind regards Martin Hedevang Japan (2).zip
  6. 1. Improve contract terms / conditions I know you have been working on this topic before on the previously versions of the game. But I still think that more to be done when it comes to the player's choice of club. Right now, almost all the big talents make the transfer if they reverie an offer from a larger club unless they can´t agree on the salary. But in today’s world of football, there are many great talents that choose minutes on the the pitch before money and fame. For example, two of Europe's biggest strikers, Mbappé and Dolberg have stated that they do not want to change at all costs, regardless of whether the club is called FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. More critical and reflective young players please 2. Optional choice of stadiums in the Match engine It could be nice if you gave us the opportunity to choose between different types of stadiums in the Match engine. For example, when I play with AS Roma or Hertha Berlin they play in a form of arena that thinks about Alianz Arena (Bayern), Emirates (Arsenal), London stadium (West Ham) Maracana (Flamengo, Rio). But in reality they all plays at the Olympic stadiums = round / oval stadiums with running tracks. My point is, there are a lot of clubs in this game that plays in the wrong stage shapes. Therefor it would be nice if we could change / choose between stadiums ourself. Either through the editor or inside the game itself like you´ve done with the Fantasy club editor. Aston villa also plays in an arena, but in reality they play at Villa Park, which is square. With two longside stands and two end stands. This is just a few clubs. If you make this change, it will help give the gaming experience a significant boost. 3. Higher attributes like in FIFA I think you should extend the distinction of 1-20 in attributes. I know well it's all the attributes that together constitute a footballers ability. But a mediocre player or even talent someone only have 5 lesser in the for example Hary Kane, a far better finisher. Therefore, it would be nice if you make the expanding. Not necessarily 1-100 as in FIFA. But maybe just expand it with 0-30 or 0-40.
  7. 1. Stop the goal rush once and for all! Countless of time I´ve experienced that the opponent has scored just after my own team scored. It´s so frustrating and unrealistic when it happens in every third match I play. Furthermore I need more realistic passes, ball control, crossing and finishing in the match engine. Almost every time one of my players gets in one-one with the keeper the miss the chance to score a goal regardless the players level of attributes. It pains me to mention. But this It´s old sticking problems that I´ve hoped for to be improved! 2. Realistic prices! I understand that some players have a higher value deepening on which club and league the are representing. But I have often experienced that mediocre players under contract in major clubs such as Man Utd, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich value is too high and therefore is nearly impossible to sign for smaller clubs. 3. This leads up to my third request, which includes player transfers AGAIN. How can it be that a star player like Paulo Dybała in the beginning of his Glorious career says he will consider a transfer move from Juventus to a German mediocre like Hamburg in German Bundesliga? It is extremely unrealistic and would never happen in reality. What will be next then? Paul Pogba set to sign for Empoli just because the improved their reputations during the last few season(in the game)? I´ve often experienced that when a star player like Paul Pogba or another play at his level decide finally decides the want to take the next step in their carrier the end up signing with a smaller club in another league etc. Tottenham because Tottenham may just had won the Premier Leauge and improved their reputation. But it does not change that he would never dream to move from a club like Juventus to a club like Tottenham right now. Had it been Man Utd , Man city or Barcelona it would seem a bit more realistic. PLEASE improve this in FM17. 4. Establishment of football youth academies like FC Barcelona´s La masia . I miss that one opppotunity to start an academy to develop once talents. 5. More random drawing in cup tournaments. It simply can´t be a coincidence that I've drawn the same teams over and over again in cup tournaments as I´m just about to face in the same team in the next league match as well(its always in the match just before or after the cup match). For example, I face Stoke City in the Premier league match just before I face them in the FA Cup as well. Of course it happens in reality too, but not as often as in Football Manager. 6. More varied stadium designs in the match engine. It could be really cool if we could be allowed to decide our own stadium design exactly as one can design his own manager profile or mascot for that matter in the upcoming FM17. I think it needs a breath of fresh air. Especially, the lack of stadiums with running tracks or in gerneral just stadiums in oval shape as we see with the Olympic stadiums in Rome, Berlin, London, Moscow and so on. Lots of clubs are actually play in these type of stadium. Torino FC, Real Mallorca. The list is wide and long. Beside would it be nice if you got the rights to include the most famous stadiums i FM. Such as Camp Nou, San Siro, Wembley and Allianz Arena... Last but not least, make sure that larger clubs with stadium with stand(like Villa Park) actually play in this these shape of stadiums in the Match engines. Aston villa does not play in an arena shaped stadium but in a stadium with four stands. The same can be said for AS Roma with the Olympic stadium (although the will soon build a new arena) But probably get my point. 7. Be able to send a compliment to the football associations!. The possibility of appeal opposing player, coach or match referee to the Football Association. For example FA or UEFA deepening on the situation, By contrast, should football association be able to give you a fine or penalties for spectator fights during the match or if you as a manager misbehave in the media/press against UEFA and so on. Furthermore. I find it annoying that there is no possibility of holding teamtalks with his team before the game before the game 3-4 matches. Right now there just by there is no appropriate occasions to arrange team talks. But that's 100 percent up to the manager to decide when it is appropriate, in my opinion. I really hope just will put some of my suggestions into the next game! Thank you
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