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  1. Lol i've just realised, think i'm going to have to start spending a bit more wisely.
  2. 17th?!?! yeh i guess that sounds about right lol.
  3. The Cheese Dome? Greater Manchester Muppets Home Kit: Stripe PSG Forground colour: White Background colour: Red Trim colour: Black Away Kit: Strip Ajax Forground colour: White Background colour: Blue Trim colour: Black Third Kit: Double Vertical Stripe Left Forground colour: White Background colour: Lime Green Trim colour: Black Stadium Name: The Pigeon Bowl
  4. CSE Ryder Cup

    Player Name : Chris Gowlett Team : Europe Country of Birth/Place of Birth : Derby, England
  5. The Caretaker

    Chapter 1 Christmas day; one of the few days of the year where football was probably the last thing on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, I really do. Sometimes though it’s nice just to have a little break from it, however, being an assistant manager doesn’t really lend much time to that. I suppose I should tell you a little about myself before I begin my story. My name’s Michael, although most people call me Mickey. I’ll be 44 in April so I guess I’m no spring chicken anymore but I like to think I’m still in fairly good nick, despite the odd grey hair or two. I’ve been married to my lovely wife Cheryl for 15 years now and we’ve got two kids, Angela (11) and Thomas (13). As I just mentioned I’m an assistant manager at a football club, Yeovil Town F.C. After my playing days had ended I decided to take a long break from football, spend time with my family etc. However, less than a year later I got a phone call from an old friend of mine, Russell Slade, asking me if I would come down and perhaps do a bit of coaching at his new club Grimsby. At first I said no, but persistence on his part finally paid off and I started in my new coaching role a week later. I enjoyed my time there but as luck would have it we lost in the play-off final to Cheltenham in the 2005/6 season, which led to Russ leaving the club. Being a manager as good as he was it wasn’t long before another team snapped him up and that team was Yeovil. It was then that he came to me with a much more serious job offer; he wanted me to be his assistant manager. This was entirely different to coaching, I’d never really even considered a role in management. In the end it was Cheryl who talked me into it, telling me it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. And she was right. Again luck wasn’t on our side in that first season and despite reaching the play-off final yet again, we were to lose 2-0 to Blackpool. It was hard for us to take but we both felt optimistic about this season, perhaps even an automatic promotion slot wasn’t out of the question. Unfortunately things haven’t been going so well and currently we’re more worried about surviving in the division rather than pushing for the promotion we had hoped for. So where was I? Oh yes, Christmas day. Waking up at 7:30 that morning I felt pretty good, even though the club was really struggling in the league I decided to put it out of my mind and just enjoy the day. I was actually quite surprised I’d managed to sleep so long, last year the kids had woke us up at 5:30 in the morning, the excitement to much for them to take. This year though they were a year older and wiser, perhaps realising I would be much more amiable after a decent amount of sleep. Careful not to wake Cheryl, I eased out of bed and put my dressing gown on. Sneaking a glance out of the window my heart almost skipped a beat; it had been over 15 years since I’d last seen a white Christmas and now here in front of me was my back garden covered in a thick layer of snow! The kids were going to love this. Yawning to myself I stepped away from the window and opened the bedroom door where I was immediately ambushed by Angela, who’d obviously been lying in wait. “Daddy, I thought you were never going to wake up!” she cried, latching on to my leg. “I’m sorry dear, but hey, I’m awake now aren’t I?” “Yes, yes can we go and open the presents then?!” “Presents? What presents?” Even though she was only 11, I couldn’t help teasing her a little. “Christmas presents! I have got some haven’t I? I’ve been a good girl.” The smile that had been on her face was replaced with a growing concern and her eyes began to tear up. Maybe this wasn’t something I should be joking about. “Of course you have! You go and get your brother and we’ll go and see what Santa has brought.” “Yaaaaaay!” And with that she ran towards Thomas’s bedroom the smile back on her face as quick as it had disappeared, leaving me to wonder whether she was already beginning to master the manipulative techniques her mother was so good at. That morning was really good, the kids really liked their presents and then after they had played with them for a bit we went outside and had a snowball fight. Soaking wet but with high spirits we returned into the warmth of the house to find an almighty feast laid out before us. Settling down to the Christmas dinner of mammoth proportions it was then that the phone rang; little did I know that this phone call was going to change my life. “Hello?” “Mickey, it’s Russ.” The voice on the end of the phone sounded flat and empty. “Alright Russ, having a good Christmas?” “Not the best I’m afraid, listen I’m sorry to disturb you but I’m ringing for a reason. I’ve decided to resign as manager of Yeovil Town F....” “You’ve done what?!” I interrupted, scarcely believing what I had just heard. “I’ve resigned Mickey, I’m sorry, it wasn’t an easy decision for me to make, but I wanted you to hear it first.” “But why? I mean, I know things aren’t going well but we can still stay up.” Even I was surprised at the amount of panic in my voice. “I’m really sorry mate, the pressures just too much for me at the moment, I need to take a break and get away from it for a while. I think it’s best for the club Mickey.” The tone of his voice had changed, he sounded tired but also relieved, like a great weight had been lifted off him. I was lost for words, it wasn’t long before the implications of Russ’s decision dawned on me. “So... so what happens now, have they found someone else?” “Well that’s the other reason I’m ringing, John Fry wants you to be the caretaker manager whilst they look for someone else.” “Me?! I’ve never done it before though, it’s one thing being an assistant but being the actual manager? I don’t think I can do it.” Again the panic surged through my voice, the day that had started so well had taken a change for the worse. “Listen to me, I know you can do it otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended you. It’s too soon to get in another manager for the game tomorrow so the lads are going to need someone they know. You can do this.” Those last three words rang out in my head. I may not have liked the decision he had made but I respected Russell Slade more than anyone I’d ever worked with before. The man who had brought me to a coach as Grimsby and then persuaded me to be his assistant at Yeovil now thought I had what it takes to manage a club. “Well I guess I don’t have a choice really, I wish I could change your mind though.” “I’m sorry but you can’t mate, anyway I’m going to have to go, press to deal with and all that.” “Hmm ok, well take care of yourself Russ.” “I will, you too, and Mickey...” “Yeh?” “Good luck!” A wry smile danced across my face, “God knows I’m going to need it.” And with that he was gone and I was left to try and make sense of what had just happened.
  6. Great update mate but why aren't wales calling up Colten yet!?!?! lol
  7. First Name: Kris Last Name: Gowlett Team (S-Z): T Position: GK Height: 190 Weight: 80 Birthday: 29th April 3 Technical Stats @ 20: Handling, Reflexes, One on ones 3 Mental Stats @ 20: Anticipation, Positioning, Determination 2 Physical Stats @ 20: Agility, Jumping Fav Club (Max 1): - Athletico Madrid i forgot to add this is a great idea btw!
  8. Sorry didn't see that! Name: Kris Gowlett Nickname (optional): none DOB: 29/04/1968 Team: Greater Manchester Muppets City Of Birth: Manchester Nationality: English Other Nationality (optional): International apps/goals: 12/3 Favourite People: Joao Moutinho, Ashley Young Disliked People: Favourite Clubs: Derbyshire Disliked Clubs: Cornwall, Nottinghamshire, Devon
  9. Name: Kris Gowlett Nickname (optional): none DOB: 29/04/1968 Team: Cornwall Cosmos City Of Birth: St. Ives Nationality: English Other Nationality (optional): International apps/goals: 12/3 Favourite People: Joao Moutinho, Ashley Young Disliked People: Favourite Clubs: Derbyshire Disliked Clubs: Devon
  10. Dynamo Berlin & The Wall That Never Fell

    Really good start to this, interesting to see where it's going to to
  11. Couldn't you do this challenge where say there are different bands of appearances say: 600-700 700-800 800-900 1000+ I don't know you could have a different title for each one "legendary etc". This way it might entice more people to play as whilst i agree with both sets of people here, 1000 is mathematically possible but its damned hard and there's not going to be many people who can reach that. Just a thought.
  12. Have you ever

    I'm feeling just like this at the moment, I just can find a particular save to settle down with and enjoy, its jolly well frustrating!
  13. These forums

    Where is it?