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  1. It's actually easier to win playing defensive or counter than playing attacking or control.
  2. Could put them on Free Kicks if they are good in Long Shots, or on Corners if their crossing is very good.
  3. As a thought experiment, try to set up a system that has no player nor team instructions enabled and still plays the way you want.
  4. You can retrain pretty much any young winger into a proper full back.
  5. Okay then, no moves other than weaker foot (he's 5/20 right now and 20 PA to go). The funny thing is that his sportsmanship hasn't moved an inch from 1. I managed to tutor everything else so perfectly, but just couldn't up that one stat. So we have another Zlatan. :-)
  6. I hope it's better in FM2015, but as it's now, average PA drops and drops as the years progress on both players and staff. The good thing is that this means your competition isn't getting any better. The bad thing is that you'll never have players like the ones at the beginning of the game.
  7. 199 PA. Plays as a Poacher with AM(A) and AM(S) behind his back and two WM(S) crossing to him (at near post). I play high tempo, high pressing, pass into space, shorter passing games. Scores like mad, and he isn't even at his full potential yet. I trained him with Resolute/Perfectionist tutors and Complete Forward/Heavy schedule for the most part. Last season he had 20 goals in 22 games, now he's becoming a regular. My question is, what would the best PPMs be for this guy? I was thinking: 1. Places shots. 2. Tries to round the keeper. 3. Hits free kicks with power. 4. Moves into channels. Any thoughts?
  8. Here's another thing. I always preferred domestic mid-table clubs as destinations for the players I've raised and was selling off. Even if the bid was much lower than what Barca or Real wanted to smash. So I'd sell to LOSC or OM or similar clubs each time, even if their bid was $15 mil rather than $25 mil. Now it's 2023 and Ligue 1 is top #1 ranked league in the world. :-)
  9. Does Ajax use foreign feeder clubs to supply talented youngsters? In my Auxerre game I had a feeder in Nigeria, and they brought me 3 world-class players over the last 5 years. And I wonder how this works exactly. Do they use their own country's regen potentian, but my youth training and recruitment to create those guys?
  10. He's mostly being misleading and will destroy your system. Best only listen to him only on opposition instructions, if you want to grant him that part of responsibility at all.
  11. This tactic means open flanks and a massive hole in the middle behind the lonely stranded striker. I much prefer fluid 4-5-1s with MR and ML on the flanks (they help a lot in defending even if set to an attack role) and a triangle with two AMs (AM(S), AM(A)in the middle behind the striker) with a CM(D) encouraged to play short+safe behind them. Think that could work for you as well.
  12. One funny thing about player jumping and height. Got this kid regen at 14 years old, he was like 156cm tall with 6 jumping. He was central defender and refused to ever learn another position (tried him for DMC obviously but mostly played into BPD). I lost all the hope my defence will even be competitive in the air, evne started pushing forward. Now the kid is 19, he's 190cm tall and has jumping reach nearing 18. He just grew that rapidly in his teens. Soooo.... don't lose hope. :-)
  13. Get tactical knowledge 20 and motivating 20 assistant who likes to play with Juve or Barca tactics, and go on vacation... :-) Seriously though, most of my games are scrappy for quite a while and I often find myself struggling because I play a lot of youngsters on the first team, a lot of them without crazy high potential. Because for me the win is when I manage to sell a pot 140 kid to Man City for a hefty sum because I've made him into a world star despite his obvious weak stats. If you really want to ensure long-term success, you need to get ahead of your league as far as player potential goes meaning you have to sign all the right youngsters, make sure you play in the Champions League group every season for finance, be pretty aggressive in the loan market to get players you can't afford to buy from there, and try to play a very careful possession/counter tactic to reduce the amount of goals you lose to the minimum, cause very often the teams at the top are those who lose the least games.
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