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  1. I am running FM17 on a Macbook 2011. Using 3D graphics, the top of the screen suddenly starts flickering. I cannot do anything but reboot the computer. Is there there a fix to this problem? It was not a problem in FM16.
  2. Is the option to play games only on Wednesday and Saturday removed? I most certainly hope, that it is not. This is a necessary condition to run the game smooth online. Especially when we are a combination of ChL and Euro Cup teams. Edit: I found it - it was changed from an online setting to a match setting. My apologies.
  3. Where is the option to play only Wednesday and Saturday games online? That was a necessary condition to have a reasonable flow in FM14. Is it removed?
  4. Oneplay.com is currently not working. Is there another way around to get the code, if I purchased it there?
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