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  1. 9/1 on BetVictor (I'm not sure if that's the best odds available but I happen to be on that site)
  2. Me too, I checked Bet365 and they don't allow it as a treble. I might put a small stake on, see what happens
  3. I had an email from Coral with a 'special' 7/2 on Muller to score any time plus Germany to win in 90 minutes. I checked odds checker and found Muller AGS (85/40) plus Germany Outright Winners (4/6) to be over 5:1, which I think is a decent bet. However, BV also allows me to add Muller as Golden Boot winner which, as a treble boosts it to around 19.5/1 If Muller scores one then he is joint top scorer so whilst the odds would be reduced due to dead heat rules (which I've yet to establish how they work on BV) surely it's a no brainer to do this treble instead of a double? Unless I'm missing something?
  4. They are hosting it in 2016! (Blimey, numerous replies in the time it took me to write that )
  5. I just had an email from TitanBet saying if I like them on Facebook then send a message with my username, they will give me a free £5 bet. I obviously do this and log in to see I have £17.01 credit in my account :confused: I've only ever placed one bet with TitanBet (the enhanced offer they had for new member in the Argentina v Bosnia match at the start of the tournement) and that bet won with the funds having long been transferred back into my bank account, so I'm puzzled where this £17..01 has come from. Anyways, I've put it all on Messi FGS tonight
  6. I was considering them before and after the first game as potential winner (they were 40/1 then), but I couldn't look past their ageing centre backs and thought against a top team they'd be caught out..... however, I'm regretting this now as the team is looking good and I fancy them to qualify past Brazil Edit. If they do win them I blame Tim Vickery and the BBC World Football Phone In for making me reconsider backing them
  7. Nice one Godfrey! Looked an own goal to me which makes your win even better
  8. I ended up calling them and the guy sorted out the free bet for me, so it's worth chasing it up
  9. Re. The WORLDCUP promo code, have you had your free bet credited? I entered the promo code and it seemed to work (thanks for posting that by the way :thump:) but not had the free bet show up yet. Unfortunately their live chat is down at the moment.
  10. Hi, after a few years away from FM (3 to be precise) I've purchased the new edition this evening. In the past I always used to download a training schedule which included different training for each position (plus similar ones for youth squads too) which always worked well, Any chance there is something similar that can be downloaded for 13? Cheers
  11. Excellant piece of software, it always amazes me how you guys produce such things. Thanks a lot for the doubtless hard work that has gone into this
  12. I think the naming of stadium idea raised in the OP is an excellant idea - on FM08 I had a long career game and after about 25 season the board finally decided to move into a new stadium, thinking that it would be cool to get the stadium named after me possibly , I was somewhat disappointed when they called it the Birmingham Stadium Also, from the post above, wouldnt it be cool to extend the naming to the stands as well - often when asking for capacity expansion a new stand may be built, these could be named after in game club favourites or succesful managers Wander if its to late for this topic to be included in FM09 :confused:
  13. How on earth did that headline seriously get through
  14. I'd like to see a list of top 20 or so transfers within the game, and the acknolwedgement of the world transfer fee etc. I think it would be a nice touch
  15. Not sure if these have been mentioned (can't be arsed to read 42 pages ) 1. Interaction with the Ass Man during the game (i.e. ask his opinion on the game, subs to make etc). 2. The ability to scout individual clubs - surely this is something that happens in real life isnt it 3. Testimonials for long serving players - I reckon that would be a cool touch to add
  16. Another thing I would like (leading on from PaulB75) is that when you take a team up the leagues etc then the additaional team rivals are added to team info list. For example, playing with Brum City I am chllenging for EPL each year so I think the likes of Man U and Chelsea would IRL also be my teams rivals in addition to Aston Villa.
  17. A couple of points (don't know if it's too late for FM08???); 1. The ability to request which club your board searches for a feeder club (I never get Spain, Italy etc). 2. Ability to cancel a transfer after being agreed (mentioned by Galactico above, but I don't see where you do this on 07?). 3. After you have a player at your club for 10 years, a testimonial match should be played with you managing the team against A N Other team. 4. Better interaction with opposition players and manager (critise for dirty play etc). 5. More of a media fuss when trophies are won, more than the board wanting celevrations to be kept to a miniumum when you win Champs League (ITS the last game of the season Mr Chairman - lets get p*ssed). I'm sure there's more. Apologies if these ideas have already been listed, but hey, 27 pages
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