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  1. Hi, no idea if its only happening to me, but after I generate game with extra juniors, way too many players are supertalented. See the screenshot below. Ive tested if few times and it happens always so it is not a one time thing. 1254 players with PA 120+ age less than 17, around 300 players are 150+ PA EDIT: So after few different tries, I can say that game adds extra juniors even if the option isnt ticked. Without the option ticked there is almost 200 players less than 18yo with PA 150+
  2. Hello, just happened to me that in 2022 during Olympics I had NHL game scheduled. Also schedule of my games is now mixed with some AHL schedule. EDIT: I have problems uploading the file, so will try to provide it later. It is at the end of the olympic tournament though
  3. Love the work with the team! The 25k pw cap seems a little strange though And also theres no cap Edit: Yes, sorry for not being clear I meant theres no reset when you hit 999,999,999+
  4. Its not really a bug I guess so Ill just ask here. Im currently managing Real Madrid in season 2041/2042. Its my 4th season here and every youth intake its only 1-2 players stepping up. So I checked youth intakes history and during first 15 or so seasons they were promoting around 7 players every season. Then suddenly the numbers drop. Now, I remember that I have loaded also lower leagues to game later on. Could this caused the lowered number in youth intakes? Also if it did, why? Is it because youngsters are redistributed to more clubs or I hit some sort of cap for number of players of certain nation??(will it get balanced after some players retire?) Its actually an issue, because for example germany and france are getting maybe 3x more youngsters than spain Thanks for response
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