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  1. bobbyfletch85

    Installation Error: Insert New Media

    Umm, still waiting to fix this. Any ideas anyone???
  2. bobbyfletch85

    Installation Error: Insert New Media

    That sounded promising but still didn't work. I've searched all over the place for solutions - there absolutely must be a way to fix this. I have a feeling it's something obvious or at least, not too complicated. Any ideas? Or who would have the answers?
  3. Hi, Every time I try to install Football Manager 2010 I get the error: "Insert New Media" Then below: "Please insert FM 2009... or select 'browse' to locate it manually" The error comes after i've run the cd either through autoplay or by running setup manually. I go through selecting yes to express install and to install from the DVD, not steam then it brings up the error above. I've tried checking the registery (through regedit) and deleting any old FM 2009 files or FM2010 files (from the many installation attempts!). I've tested to see if it matters what letter my CD-ROM drive - ie, if it has to be next up from the HD - but still nothing. I even tried uninstalling my old FM 2009, then re-installing it - but when I tried this, it came up with the same 'Insert New Media' error as above! Anyone know how to fix this? I've seen it on several forums online: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=160755 Any help would be grand! Cheers Bob