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  1. thanks for the reply i think you are referring to Lolley in the second part at least, and I think youve done great with him, but I was meaning Worrall. I forgot we had a few Joes. COYR
  2. thanks for the effort in the latest update! One thing I just noticed is Joe is 64kg. I know that's listed in various literature on the net so maybe nothing you can do but surely he is much heavier than that or is to the eye anyway. I still think he is a under-rated from a CA perspective, but that's obviously where personal opinion steps in and it's nice he got a bump in any case and Cafu rightly did as well. I think some missing DOBs are here, I've been using them in my editions - Nottingham Forest Under-18s - YouthHawk Great work with the staff! cheers, COYR
  3. Ah no worries, sorry thought you suggested earlier you would be going into detail on some of your analysis. Cheers. COYR
  4. Started a save as Northampton Town and have noticed: David Kelly (loan manager/coach) has long left the club Pablo Garcia (Fitness Coach) has joined Birmingham City
  5. What I meant by 'reconcile' was how do we reconcile your comments that Cook wont reach his PA and Worrall will. What is the reasoning behind that projection?
  6. In the editor looks like there is a duplicate/two managerial entries for Martin, maybe one of them is being counted as having ended and causing the end date for his tenure in the history section.
  7. Not sure anyone who has been watching would say that Bong has been a primary influence in that, even though he is playing OK. We've had a pretty soft run of games and made some very good transfers in recent times that have improved the overall team - Garner is holding well in midfield, Krovinovic and Murray have improved ball control in their different ways - and our goalkeeper, last years championship keeper of the year, is back in good form and somewhere near, though not all the way near his best. All these factors have played a part, but I have not read in any Forest forum or article,
  8. Thanks for taking the time to clarify some issues Santy! My issue with research is demonstrated by the fact that there have been a number of changes to Stoke's players since the last update - Bursik, Campbell, Collins et cetera. I'm a passionate Forest and there have been almost no changes to our database. Im happy to cop a researcher having a different view on a player, but when there are next to no changes done after eight month's of season time and there has been huge flux in the team's performance and player performance in that time, it just doesn't make sense. The issue is not that th
  9. Thanks again Dean, so how do I then reconcile the issue of Cook and Worrall both being 23 year olds - with CA and PA of 130/169 and 122/142 respectively. If Cook isn't likely to reach his potential does that mean Worrall isn't likely to as well? What dictates the likelihood of reaching the database PA? Obviously if the direction is to just change the database ourselves, it would help to know how we can do this in the most realistic way possible/
  10. Thanks for the reply Dean. As for opinions, your point is correct and clearly I have a different opinion to the aforementioned researcher. The issue then becomes whose opinion is more likely to be correct and the natural position you will take is to side with the researcher. If you did a survey of 100 ultra knowledgable Forest fans, though, I would guess above 50% would say Worrall is our best player and most valuable one, notwithstanding a couple of youngsters we have (Mighten and Johnson) who could fetch silly money a la Ben Brereton and Arvin Appiah. I would also gamble above 90% w
  11. @robterrace Looking forward to the Jan Transfer Update, I know we've had a number of obscure signings and unheralded staff additions and all the academy and reserve player date of births are now available, not to mention many clear attribute changes needed. Absolute pumped to play post update!!!
  12. Hi Rob, thanks for your reply. I eat and breathe Nottingham Forest. I live in Australia and spend a few hours every day on Forest forums and keeping up to date with the team. I have supported the team since 1994 and been playing every Football Manager edition and the old champ manager since 1996. I understand that the ratings of players can differ from person to person but to me that's not really the issue. My issue is with realism as to how the players actually play and can be used and how the AI uses them. I think the Worrall and Figuereido situation whilst not a hu
  13. Hi Dean, using the editor, Worrall's PA and CA are identical to FM20 and Brice Samba is another example with exactly the same CA and PA, year to year. Grabban as well. This is worrisome as clearly Worrall has moved a lot closer to his peak potential and when fit is one of Forest's best players and of Premier League interest. That Figuereido has a better CA to Worrall destroys the credibility of the database. There is not one Forest fan on earth who would think Figuereido is a better player. Samba had one of Forest's best keeper seasons since Peter Shilton and whilst I don't think he's m
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