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  1. As per this Reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/9pbsps/fm_2019_violates_the_gdpr/?utm_source=reddit-android Seems like a violation, or at best a morally questionable protocol.
  2. Okay, signups are closed. It may take a while to get the file working, so stay tuned.
  3. Player Name: Artjoms Ozoliņš Date of Birth (day and month only, all players start aged 16): 09/07 Position: DL Secondary Position (Optional): DR Preferred Foot: Left Height (cm): 177 Weight (kg): 65 Strong technical/GK attributes (pick 4): Marking, Crossing, Dribbling, Free Kick Taking Strong mental attributes (pick 2): Determination, Decisions Strong physical attributes (pick 2): Pace, Stamina
  4. Do you have what it takes to create a Latvian Lion? Over the years, the nation of Latvia has been unremarkable in terms of it's footballing ability, but that is all about to change. A group of Latvian wonderkids are about to break through into teams across the Latvian Higher League. From there, who knows where they will go? One thing is for sure though, these kids will take the Latvian national team to new heights. But which will get the most caps for their country? The aim of this signup is simple. The most caps earned for the Latvian national team at the end of the save wins. Of course, we'll be keeping tabs on the other aspects of their careers - their development, transfers between clubs, etc. But earning caps is what will win you this challenge. Interested? Signing up is simple. All you have to do is fill in the information below. Player Name: Date of Birth (day and month only, all players start aged 16): Position: Secondary Position (Optional): Preferred Foot: Height (cm): Weight (kg): Strong technical/GK attributes (pick 4): Strong mental attributes (pick 2): Strong physical attributes (pick 2): Signups will close one week from this post. Good luck!
  5. Good luck! Pompey took a few years to get up on my save, so it won't be easy
  6. A move! A move! *sees squad status* Ah...
  7. At least I'm playing some games now, it's a shame though because Vills could have had it all
  8. I think it would be topical if you included Australia in this
  9. But wait, the plot thickens! Further evidence has come to light in the sacking of Quique Sanchez Flores as Watford manager despite achieving his initial goal of avoiding relegation! Why you ask? It's quite simple really. With Watford 7th at Christmas, he increased expectations to a top half finish to buy more players. OH NO!
  10. I hope the starting PSG left back breaks both his legs falling down the stairs.
  11. I got all excited when I saw Vills appearance count, then I looked at the stats page and realised...
  12. Vills get a season of first team football with some Champions League experience to boot. Hopefully he can kick on into the PSG team or move on to where he will play more.
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