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  1. I don't know whether it's a bug or not but you are expected to challenge for the title (and possibly win it) as that's what you've told the board you'll do. If you set expectations high, and accept the increased transfer and wage budget, you've got to expect some pressure from the board even when you're in a decent position.
  2. Think yourselves lucky I can't even get logged in - thought it was a firewall problem, so disabled that, still Failed to Login. Changed my google/youtube password, tried again still not working. Thought I was going barmy so tried logging into youtube from my web browser and that works so my username and password are correct. Guess I'll just have give this feature a miss.
  3. I want to see MAPS in the game

    Yeah, just knock it up in your lunch break - draw the borders on pieces of A4 - remember Italy looks like a boot, Britain like an old lady in a chair etc, etc, scan them in this afternoon, import them and you're done - easy. Don't know what all the fuss is about :wink: Seriously though, I've seen this mentioned several times and it would be a good, although not vital, addition to the game. So get your crayons out Ter!
  4. Looking nice - as people have mentioned just needs a little tidying up (which I'm sure will happen before release). Just a quick question - The text info in YouTube looks like it's generated by FM - is that the case?
  5. 'Smarter' media

    I know on FM09 I had just started a game with Salisbury (Conference Premier) and I was linked with Darren Pratley(?) from Swansea. Not only was he too good to be interested in playing for me but he was also valued at about £ 250,000 and my transfer budget was nil. Was this improved for FM10?
  6. Take some time to help ..

    On your good laptop have you set the display software of your graphics card to output to the TV out? I know I have to do this with my ATI graphics card in my laptop otherwise I get the same as you.
  7. I'll bet you a fiver he's managing Newcastle.
  8. Thanks, but I'm glad to say it has already been looked into and fixed for the patch.
  9. It's a good idea but happens too often. I even had one recently where a coach from Middlesbrough wanted to join Arsenal after being at Middlesbrough for 0 days having joined in 1900!
  10. I'm going to cancel my order with Zavvis because .....

    Yes, sticking with Zavvi too. I'm doing late shifts when FM is released anyway so won't get time to play. By the time I receive it and get a chance to play then there may be a patch out and some people will have posted new and/or edited leagues etc. Good things come to those that wait ...... although so does old age, and that's not so good ..... damn!
  11. Oh, and another favourite - on the match analysis screen if you click on a player's circle on the pitch it shows you the highlight of the pass/shot/cross etc.
  12. Yes, I second that. Oh, and the wibbly nets when you score. Oh, and the much improved manager homepage. Oh, and the more realistic match engine. Oh, and the more proactive backroom staff. Actually just about everything has gone up a level or two from FM09. Oh, and the fact we don't need to activate online when the full game comes out.
  13. It's been confirmed bios will be generated for newgens - provided they do something noteworthy.
  14. 3D and attributes

    I didn't play FM09 much but found it pretty easy to determine physical attributes such as pace, strength etc from the 3d view. Mental attributes are harder to work out. But, as you point out using the match stats (and of course the new match feedback and backroom staff screens) you should be able to gain a better picture of a player. Looking at the videos for FM2010 I noticed Ze Mandel of Leixoes (initially because he looked about the size of a boy compared to everyone else - he's 5'4"). He seems to try lots of runs off the ball and indeed does receive a great pass in acres of space to set up a goal. So I think the match AI and 3d representation, although not without fault, are shaping up nicely!