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  1. gonna bump this as, it's getting ridiculous, de gea needs a new contract, went to offer one, he wants 105k/pw , 20 k app fee, 50k clean sheet bonus even welbeck wants 80k pw, 32k appearance fee, 30k goal bonus, 24k unused sub so basically all my players will be earning over 130k+ sure there is something wrong with this?
  2. when negotiating contracts (renewal /new signing) why do players ask for some crazy appearance fee/sub fees? Playing as Man Utd, Rafael wanted a new contract and after negotiation I managed to get down to, app fee:31k, clean sheet: 25k, unused sub: 25k now van persie wants 43k for app +goal fee, plus 11 k sub fee, when under his original contract he is getting paid 15k app, 10k goal, 9k unused sub why do all players expect such a massive and unrealistic rise in their fees, surely only the very best players should be asking for such high fees? I was interested in signing holtby and even he wanted 30k appearance fee
  3. is anyone else finding it hard to get players in on loan, from clubs. I'm pompey in second season in the championship , and premiership clubs don't accept my offers for their youngsters, even though they are all gettting unhappy because they are not being allowed to go out on loan. even my parent club (arsenal) don't accept my loan bids :|
  4. in mine newcastle ,sunderland + wba got relagated in first season
  5. like the bug that was there last year/ year before that, freezes for like 30 secs then works
  6. UF91


    when i click load game a message comes up saying 'FMRTE cant find FM/WSM running' something along those lines anyway, when the game is running and the save file has been loaded. plz help i have the net framework installed.
  7. i think in the next game, teams should have a pre-set style of playing from the start for instance: Bolton play long ball football and Arsenal play free flowing football. If this happens another improvement could be when you go to player search and tick the box 'filter out unrealistic targets' your assistant only shows the players that fill fit in with your teams style of play
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