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  1. Mauro Junior Latest Youngster signed as a FA. Will train him to be a Shadow Striker due to lack of depth at that position.
  2. Just signed this FA out of Australia at age 18, and free is as cheap as it gets 15 strength and heading could be dangerous as a Target Man or Poacher. Alex Ward
  3. Just bought this guy from my affiliate Libertad in Paraguay, he will join the squad next summer. He cost a million but i need to pay to get youngsters now that I no longer sign outside of affiliates and youth intake.
  4. I make reminder notes of intake dates of the teams that are my affiliates so I can scout the youth intake right away to hopefully poach some youngsters.
  5. My 2017 Lineups Turning down 10-15 million ndollar offers for Andre Martins because i do not believe we will be able to place in the Division without some stability.
  6. The remaining transfers for summer including my first find from an Affiliate. Frederik De Jong from Heracles Going to train him to be my potential Right Back Andrew Kekec All the rest of my transfers were Americans i had to wait until they turned 18. Left back but not super exciting Bryan Velarde Going to have to go after his dribbling immediately if he is going to ever feature in my lineup. Carl Galvan Another defender my scouts liked when i initially signed Christopher Olivares The most exciting of the bunch, i think he may be able to start some games immediately for me Dave Gonzalez In a position i am thin at but I wish he could be a shadow striker These are the last players to come to my team not from an affiliate or my youth academy. I hope to resell some of them for big money!!!!
  7. My cheap signings to start my team in the right direction! Lorenzo Orellano He will be trained to fill the leftside inside forward role. Juan Carlos Palacios Central Mid Role Jordan Lotomba Good for the Right Winger Role and has a couple appearances this season, i will decide if i loan him next year or not. Heikki Makela 20 Determination, i had to bite after my scouts gave him a good review. Will be a DLF. Franco Lopez A lefty that i will train at the Inside Forward Role Emre Gurcuoglu http://i.imgur.com/IhwJ2kv.jpg Will be trained to be a Central Defender Bart Bruyninckx No idea how to pronounce his last name but another 20 Determination player I fell in love with Andres Carrillo Looks to be developing really well and i have played him a few times this year so far. Petar Pusic I don't know what to do with him exactly but maybe will train him at the Central Mid Role, not sure he could be a first team shadow striker.
  8. I play a possession based style and because of this i consider passing to be the most important attribute. I also consider work rate and dribbling to be important and like to have every member have a minimum of 10 in these categories regardless of position(except GK) My best youth intakes from last season: Bahadir Cimen I have yet to decide what role he should play but he could be a CM or IF because of how young he still is Benjamin Lambertz Its obvious that he will be a Central Defender but i am not sold on him ever becoming 1st team Eric Knorn I am excited about him and he also plays a role that i struggle to get often in a Fullback Koen Elmali http://i.imgur.com/yUfivxe.jpg Will make a perfect Central Midfielder and i am very excited to see how he progresses Marco Van Ooijen Will be trained as a Winger and should get a good opportunity to succeed! Max Smits I hope he progresses because having a left footed FB is hard to find! I will do a season update every year for each player i find promising!
  9. How to make the world rely on you for talent! My goal for this save is to only use players that come through my own youth intake, 19u free agents or affiliated clubs going forward but have bought some youth so that i have actual talent to develop at this stage of the save. I decided to use Twente in the Eredivisie for this because they are in a good location and the Netherlands does not have strict rules for players born out of the nation/EU so I can truly focus on development without worrying about who i can or cannot start. So to begin, I am on my second season as Twente, I won the league my first season and got to compete in the Champions league where i was ousted in the group stage without a single Win to my name. The reason I did not start this thread at my saves beginning is because I wanted to get a nice currency base before taking on something like this. And with the money I invested in around 10 young players my scouts liked that cost less than $250K each to be the foundation of the team. Some have yet to join but are expected to this summer, but what would a developmental thread be without actual talent to develop, right! I will list them them all eventually along with the talents I have been able to get during my youth. But first I would like to explain my development style. Developing players is my favorite part of the game. Every edition of the game i always focus on youth, most of which i like to either get in my own intakes or from my affiliates. I begin by picking a tactic to build around and training my players to be effective in that position immediately. This year i decided to Use MR L's 4-2-3-1 Spin the Wheel Tactic and will focus on making players that can use this tactic. I also use other tactics but this will be my main tactic throughout the save. So as soon as a player enters my team the first thing I do is determine what role/pos he will play for my team and rename him as such so that I do not forget what role I want him to master. After that i then group the players by ages. 15-17 play in youth squad as to not stunt there growth. I may let a couple sub in during the season if they look pretty solid. I want to put my youth in a position to succeed so i take care to not over expose them. 18-19 I loan players out to either affiliates in the Jupiler or sometimes better teams if they are interested. Sometimes i have room for them or am forced to keep a player due to depth issues, which is fine because i can develop them the way I want and play them in the role I want. I typically try and sign players until they are 22 so that I control them and keep them around until the last second to see if they can be a full time contributor. At the start of each season i set up 3 lineups. Lineup 1, Lineup 2 and Best Lineup. I rotate between the 2 regular lineups during cup and regular season games. This means I have 2 players at every position so that I can mix in players i am trying to develop with my 1st team regulars. When i play teams like Ajax or in the Champions league I play my "Best" lineup to ensure that i am able to get as much money as possible to put towards developing my team. Join me as I begin my journey to win the Eredivise my way!
  10. I wish i could make some sort of Aspire academy for my team
  11. I am playing as FC Twente and am curious if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to fill up my youth sqaud? I like to sign young players and train them into my formation but typically i have to wait for them to be able to come here and I have to over pay them. Am i doing something wrong? Don't better teams poach tons of youth players all the time in real life? Any suggestions are welcome. I want to eventually make a team of all home grown talent or at least players I trained and maybe loaned out for a season or 2.
  12. Has anyone posted anywhere on this forum or else any analytical studies that have been run where they simmed some seasons to figure out the best formations or attributes or roles, etc. just curious. I have did this kind of stuff for other sports games and learned some stuff. Thought maybe someone has done that with this game.
  13. Players in basketball take hundreds of shots a season and you can quantify defense in basketball to a degree, they even have stats determining offensive and defensive win shares that are pretty good indicators of ability. PER is a really good marker in basketball, something i don't think that soccer can ever get close to. I think that you could compare striker contributions but determining a defenders value seems almost impossible. I suppose turnover ratio would be something that can translate in soccer as long as you factor in pace and what not. I should add i am very interested to see how this play through goes.
  14. As an American who knows baseball much better than i know "soccer", i would say that you cannot really qauntify player ability via stats like you can in baseball. In baseball, there is some coaching, and the manager needs some ability to set lineups and such but the reality of it is that you will have 9 guys go bat in the same order and field in pretty much the same spot no matter what team they are on and who their manager is. In football, the playing style and formations have such an effect on what a given players stats will look like. I guess i have a hard time thinking about how they could ever have a WS/WAR like statistic in professional football. Although i see using statistics like Brenham does to determine what kind of strategy/philosophies to use to win games to be exactly what you would use advanced stats for. Thats why Billy Beane caring more about on-base-percentage, walks and not allowing his players to steal bases, is why his strategy worked. If you want to truly learn whY "Soccer" can never be analyzed like Baseball, go look on baseball-reference.com and any player and look at all the stats and how complicated a lot of the stats are to determine. Also Front Offices like the A's go even further and are now recording bat speed and how hard the ball is is hit and where it lands. Teams like the Devil Rays use defensive shifts hundreds of times a season based on where players typically hit a ball. Just the amount of data that can be recorded in baseball is unmatched. But with all that being said, i am a huge stat-head and love the idea of this post. I would say in FM the fact you have a 1-20 rating for each attribute is used by most in a money ball like way to determine what players to buy, and thats why i was drawn to this game despite initially having zero knowledge of the sport.
  15. I would like to create custom training roles of attributes i think are important, instead of choosing like 10 attributes by choosing an individual role or a specific attribute to train, i would like to be able to make my own. An example would be i would like my DC to train Tackling, Positioning, Marking and Jumping Reach only, so i could create that and put all my DC's on it.
  16. Cleon's Ajax thread is gospel around here, use that.
  17. Do friendlies against good teams help youth develop youth as much as league games would?
  18. It would be interesting to hear what the perfect amount of playing time is for development of youth. Maybe somebody will do an experiment on it someday. My question for you is what do you consider to be a good attribute rating for a player in your starting lineup in the EPL. I noticed you use specific training as well as individual role training. What attribute rating(1-20) do you consider good enough to quit training a specific role and move to the more general role training?
  19. Would you consider adding some PPM's that might work well with each role? Also thanks for this formation, I won the EURO cup the 2nd year with Twente with this formation and won the league years 2-4. I eventually had to sell all my stars this year(Year 5) to England because my morale was so poor I was almost getting fired every year.
  20. I would like for the youth intake or youth academy to be more in depth. It would be cool if there was something more to the youth sqaud such as getting players when they are younger and weeding them out as they get older or being able to mold players to your formation for longer. I think that being able to recruit youth like in real life could be interesting. Possible sending invites to youth to join your youth set up. I just find the scouting and youth aspect of the game to be the most interesting and know that others would agree so expanding that is the next frontier as well as maybe expanding on training.
  21. This offseason I have been looking for players to bring into my youth set up. During the end of the season, I had been focusing on African players because they seem to be relatively cheap but now after asking around this forum and the reddit forum I have discovered that Eastern Europe and Scandinavia also have cheap youth for me to scout, sign and develop into my system! I just lost my best Striker Luc Castalgnos for 10 mil transfer fee, I hope to be able to keep my other players and I do not plan to add any big name strikers during the window.
  22. Good idea, i am playing in Holand and they seem to have a lot of Scandanavians already!
  23. What EU countries can i get the cheapest player transfers? My intake has been pitiful thus far, so hoping to poach some youth in the EU, i have gotten some African but they cannot play on my reserves team only my u-19. What are some nation suggestions?
  24. So i have been playing football manager since fm11 but have never played the game without using genie scout or fmrte. That is cheating enough but i also frequently quit and reload if i lost big games. With doing all of that, i still had never won a Champions League despite all that help. So for FM15 i decided that this would be the year i learn to actually play the game and try and make myself a good player. So despite playing the game for the 4 versions previous i have no favorite teams or any sort of loyalty, as well as having close to no knowledge of soccer having never played it nor it having any sort of relevance where i am from outside of when the world cup is on. Goal: Win the Champions League without using any data editor or saving/reloading. Club Requirements: Not hard to sign non-nationals Have a "B" team playing in a lower league that i can control tactics/training League with more then 2 European tourney quals Be decently sized but not the best team in the league Decent national youth rating After scouting all the possible options i landed on playing as FC Twente in the Eredivisie So in past versions, i would typically play in either the Sweden, Bulgaria, or Liechtenstein and i would then edit the youth rating of my nation of choice to be 200 so that youth intake would be more fun. I also liked signing foreigners young and making them nationals so i could use them on the national teams. So i started this post by talking about the things i planned to do and how i planned to do them. Tactics Before i started the save i played in FM Classic and tried to create my own home made tactic, which i have found despite playing for years to be very difficult. So after days of trial and error i decided that it may just be best to find one on a forum that i liked and use it. I ended up choosing this one by Mr U Rosler that was different than what I usually used in games past (4-2-3-1), or my fm14 fav the (2DC, 2WB, DM, 3CM, AMC, ST). Training After I selected my formation that i plan to use for the rest of the year i decided to set up my training plan right from the get go, So i set my team training to look like what Cleon uses in his famous Ajax post for FM14 that i used on fm14 and seemed to work pretty well, i do not really know how that stuff works and he seems to be an expert. The big reason i enjoy training is because i can mold players into the positions/roles i want them to play based on their attributes, so i would look at each player on my teams attributes as well as potential transfers and see what they did well and based on the attributes Mr U Rosler found important for each role i would pick which role and position i wanted them to play as shown below As for PPM, i do not really understand them, so i dont not try and teach any to my players and usually say no when my coaches suggest them, i am sure once i learn teh game better i will incorporate them. Tutoring seems to be a difficult thing for me, in fm14 i would typically just use the editor and find their hidden professionalism rating and have high prof players tutor young as well as signing all the high prof players i could find and changing their names to tutor. Now that i cannot do that i have looked what each personality means and have 2 guys tutoring but really just plan to let the guys stay what they already are. Someday i might put more of an emphasis on these 2 things after i gain more expertise on the game Coaches I tried not to fire to many and really do not understand how important they truly are. I figure that the more coaching courses they take the better their DDM will be so i just signed guys with high coaching attributes. I also do not really understand the importance of Physios so i think i have only 2 and i do not seem to have any more injuries then a normal team would. I just signed as many scouts as i could and let the chief scout send them out. Morale I typically would just use fmrte and make everybody happy all the time but this season i planned to play by the rules and have found that keeping up player morale is tough especially after a string of losses. So my strategy was to praise all my players as much as possible by either praising conduct or training form. If i lost a bad games i would then plan a friendly(although late in the season after i secured taking 2nd i planned some to make money). I also loaned or sold unhappy players that i had because i am under the impression they hurt the rest of the team. So i shared my tactic of choice above, my first goal was to make a few transfers and figure out what i had on the team that worked. This season i decided to sign a general manager and decided i like having one, i just target players my scouts like and he signs them for less and gets a better transfer deal than i typically have been able to(This didnt matter in fm11-14 when i would use GS and get a Nigerian Wonderkid for 10K) So my first move was to get a left Full Back which i found in Chris Lowe, who my scouts give a 3 star rating which is better then the 2 star i had thre prior. I also wanted a striker but did not have much for cash left so i got Rondon for pretty cheap to go with my 3 star strikers i already owned, both turned out to be good purchases and both were starters on my team. I later learned that you should rescout players you want becasue they can be wrong from time to time leading me to buy some guys that were not as good as previously scouted but this Martin Odegaard guy i signed in the winter transfer window seems good. I also loaned a DC from MANU that seems good but i dont like giving development time to guys i dont own so i tried to only play him during important matches. I thought i was weak at goalie but Marsman turned out to be really good and i am glad i did not sign someone else to replace him. My Depth Chart Potential Depth Chart My Transfers (wasted a lot money) So the Season began, and i was very nervous about whether i could win without the crutches of GS and FMRTE as well as save reloading. So using something i read on Cleons Ajax thread i cited above, i played a stack of friendlies against bad teams as well as kept the ones my assistants planned. I actually started the season out really good until i got to November for some reason i started dropping games to much lesser opponents. I ended up losing early in the Dutch cup to a much lower opponent. So during the winter break i sold some bad morale players and tried to set up some friendlies i could win. It didn't really change things, but i was murdering teams to start the year. This is me having 9 players in the leagues team of the week which i thought was awesome. I ended up losing in the Euro Cup knockout rounds to Real Sociedad 1-0, which was kind of heart breaking but i knew that if i kept up my hard work i would qualify for the Champions League next year and my main goal is to win that. The team then went on to collapse somewhat at the end of the season but i also scheduled some profit driven friendlies at the end that i lost that didnt help morale. The final standings ended up having me in the 2 spot and Champions League bound, which i am very excited for. So i considered year one to be a success and have now set some goals for myself this offseason. Bring in a better Right Fullback Sign some youth Win some games in CL Things to improve Understand Team Instructions better, currently do not mess with them during the game very much which i know is bad. Currently just use same formation but switch mentality to/from counter, control and attacking depending on the level of my opponent. I also usually just pick the sqaud my assistant suggest and might switch in a young player or 2, i am wondering how accurate the star ratings of my own players are and if some of my B team guys may be better than projected. Anyways i hope you enjoyed this and that i did not over step my bounds by saying my tactics, training and other strategies that i got from other posters. I look forward to learning how to play the right way and becoming the FM player i knew i always could be.
  25. I am looking for a team with a "B" reserve team that play in the lower levels that i can set the training and tactics for? I played as Sporting and was sad to find i couldn't pick the tactics or training schedule. Sorry if this is not a good enough question for this forum but i couldn't figure out where else to post it.
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