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  1. Hi, So, when you edit your player search it can be extremely laggy due to the number of players. Therefore, changing few filters can be a massive pain. Why not make the "Edit search" window "non-live" (the changes would work only after hitting "OK") way to change your search? The "Pick attributes" one works like that.
  2. I remember only one relegation (probably happened more often, but that's the one I remember), but it wasn't exactly my fault. I took charge of some scandinavian side that was deep in relegation zone and I didn't realize that there were only few games left, because it was summer or early fall.
  3. I've seen goalkeeper making mistakes with crosses. They rush out when they can't get to the ball. I don't know if it is my goalkeeper just being useless or a bug. For example here: 33:31 - he misses the ball after corner 68:11 - same, but after set-piece Sevilla - Celta.pkm Or here: 71:14 Sevilla - Real Zaragoza.pkm
  4. In previous games, you could set individual training for few players at once just by selecting them and then changing the training. Now you have to either change it manually for every player or do it through right-click menu. I don't know if it was reported before, so sorry if it's already known. https://streamable.com/lenmq
  5. I'm liking this update a lot! It finally resembles football! I feel like the attributes and tactical decisions finally matter. Admittable, I've only used one tactic, but it looks COMPLETELY different to what it was before. And it looks more like what I have in mind. I'm slightly worried about longshots and I have a weird impression that the ball sometimes flies too quickly, but at this point I'm not sure if it's true or not. All in all, I'm very happy, good job SI. Oh, one thing, do you pkms on players stoping the ball on the line in the beta ME? I'm talking about this one: Or the are the pkms from "normal" version sufficient?
  6. I've only played 4 games, but ME seems better. MUCH better. I can finally see my players actually play football and not just hoofing it. So far so good, but it can be placebo.
  7. I don't want to overreact, but I've seen defenders react to long ball TWICE in one game so far, so that's awesoome. Also, the game looks so much smoother.
  8. :o Wish I saw it few minutes earlier, before my lecture started
  9. Well, it's difficult not to make the best product when you are the only one making it? Surely, you are not comparing FM to FIFA/PES? Nobody said it's easy to code, but there were iterations of ME that were much better than the current one. Also, is it fair to charge the customers full price for a product you yourself admit might be too difficult to make properly? I'm very happy that they acknowledged the issues with the ME but that was a month ago and there were no new updates since. It'd be nice to have any information on the stage of the fix. I'm not talking about a date but a simple "we found the faulty part of ME code and are working on fixing it", "we are testing our fix" or "we have no idea what's causing the problems, we are still trying to identify it" would be nice. Instead we get the "it's difficult process" answer. After the last patch the game will probably be very good, as it always have been. However, after this year release I cease to see the point of buying the game before the winter update.
  10. For me the most annoying part about this whole issue is how SI handles things. Their basic response to ME critcism is "Yeah, we know it has issue, but it's difficult to do it right". I mean, duh, that's why we are paying you for it. Can you imagine paying full price for any other product and when you found fundamental fault in it, the producer response being "Yeah, we know, we'll try to fix, but it's difficult to make our product, so we don't know if we'll be able to" ? That's unacceptable. What's more, there are people speaking on behalf of the producer telling you that they know the product is broken, but you can maybe try using it in other, limited way to make it work a bit better? SI needs to stop acting as if they were just bunch of guys making games for fun in their garage. They sell millions of copies every year, have one of the most active playerbase on steam and are even selling more copies year after year. I love the game, I've been playing it almost my whole life and preordering for the past few years. I've always felt that SI do genuinly care about the game and it isn't just a way to make money for them. Lately, I started to have doubts. One thing is certain - this is the first year in my life when will choose not to preorder FM.
  11. While getting completely rid of mentality is a bit drastic, I feel like they could do something similar to what they've done with team fluidity. It changes by itself as you change you instructions. I think that this way creating a more balanced tactic would be more intuistic.
  12. Well it's not ideal but decent start of the season. Happy new year!
  13. KV Mechelen - Zulte 17:07 - Both CBs ignore my striker 58:29 - When striker takes a touch my CB turns his back to him? WTF? Zulte - Ostenda 20:16 - CB reacts good here, but then some invisible force pulls him back? 36:35 - Yeah, again, both CBs don't give a crap about my striker or the ball punted god knows where by my GK. They just casually walk the opposite way, what is this? 49:36 - LMAO, what even is the CB doing? Is he practicing some weird dance moves? Do you guys need more? Cause I can keep going. KV Mechelen - Zulte Waregem.pkm Zulte Waregem - Ostenda.pkm
  14. That's one of the most ridiculous ones, CBs don't give a flying crap about my striker or the ball punted god knows where by my GK. They just casually walk the opposite way Can't wait for the fix.
  15. One thing I'm really impressed by is how much smoother this game is than older versions. Turned on FM 17 and it's just so much slower, good job on that!
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