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  1. I've been taking my usual 'winter break' from FM, but lately I started to feel the hunger for this game again. However, reading through the last few pages of this thread... I don't know man, maybe I should wait a bit longer for the patch before coming back. From what I gathered, there are problems with long term save such as newgens not working correctly, players dissapearing, stats being buggy and possibly other small things. Now, I'd like to ask if those issues are really serious and have a direct impact on saves. I'm not asking about current state of ME, just if the technical issues a
  2. I've found a weird bug, when many opposition players are standing by my box at goal kick, as shown in the picture: It happened at least three times in that game: 31:38, 46:08, 94:35 West Ham - Wigan.pkm
  3. So, after 32 games Chelsea created 29 CCCs, the most in the league (tied with Man Utd). Isn't this a little bit low? According to PL website, KDB alone created 33 big chances in 2019/20.
  4. Is there/Was there a bug with PL scheduling? Because I played Tottenham, Leeds, Burnley, Liverpool and Stoke twice in the first 19 games. Schedule was drawn on beta, so I'm not sure if it is/was a bug SI is/was aware of or not.
  5. Yes, basically you only can sign staff with a license (Continental Pro (i think) in Championship, don't know about lower leagues)
  6. I have no idea if the rules are realistic or not, but they take sooo much fun from the game. I'm doing a Wigan save, summer of 2023, second year in Championship and it is so difficult to sign new players. The number of potential signins is so small, that whenever I find somebody good enough, he's already playing in Championship for a better team. And even if I manage to find somebody good and interested in joining, the wages and transfer fees are insane for the quality I'd be getting. Of course I can find a good substitute abroad but even if they are regular starters for their nation, they won
  7. One other thing I find quite stupid - if I want to do individual team talk after a match, the game selects ALL the players and I have to unselect all but the ones I want to talk to. Stupid.
  8. While I like that we moved on from percents in condition, I have to admit I'm not a fan of the design. Especially match sharpness - we have different colors, all come with different mini icons on them, it's all super messy for me and to be honest, I'm having trouble to assess wheter my player IS match fit or ISN'T.
  9. I have to admit, this game doesn't feel like beta at all. ME is awesome, everything is smooth, quick and stable. I'm loving it! Thanks for making such an amazing game in this times!
  10. Is Real Madrid playing Casemiro as a striker a bug? Granted, they used all of their subs, were losing and changed their formation but it seems like a bit of a weird decision? Or am I missing some "bald magic" here?
  11. Why did you remove the option to pick attributes by role? It was soo useful
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