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  1. Is it strange? They've just spent 90m net (according to transfermarkt) on new players so surely they aren't going to give you much cash for winter? I know United have almost infinite funds so you can always ask for more money closer to January and see if they agree.
  2. I was using quite an extreme tactic so that's why this number is so high (I'm taking into account both chances for me and AI) and I fully expected to be vulnerable to those kind of balls, but in some realistic way. Instead my world class defenders doesn't seem to care about the ball at all as it's flying (same goes for AI defence).
  3. Nobody here is arguing that players making mistakes once in a while is wrong. Mistakes are good, they add realism to the game. But when misjudging/not reacting to long balls happens 6 times per game by top level defenders it surely isn't just "player made mistake" case.
  4. That's every game I've played since the update. Defenders seem to be unable to react correctly to ball over the top. It's like they have three options: track the ball and the runner, run towards running player or just do absolutely nothing and only react after attacker received the ball. They never choose option one.
  5. Same. Balancing the game by making striker useless instead of fixing defensive awareness is wrong. Try playing any extreme tactic and all you'll see is hoofball on both ends and many, many missed CCCs.
  6. Totally agree. My tactic was ok before patch but after it things got insane. I was playing high intensity, attacking football so I expected to be a bit vulnerable at the back but all I was seeing was hoofball. And it works both ways, my team was also a hoofing machine and each game I kept seeing at least few hoofs ending in one on ones that were, obviously, missed. And I don't expect any of my two really good strikers to score every chance but at least one in six would be nice. But nope, despite both teams having few good chances with forwards running free or free-ish on goal, scoring is almost only possible through crosses, set pieces or longshots.* I accept that it can be less noticeable with more balanced tactical styles and maybe tactics creating fewer one on ones might see realistic conversion rate but I don't like being punished for creating chances. Balancing the scorelines by making it harder to score when creating more is just wrong for me. Currently, for me, it seems like high number of quality chances leads only to increase in frustration instead of increase in number of scored goals. And I know my tactic is far, far from perfect and pretty extreme, but I don't think that ignoring high balls or strikers being useless is simply because "tactic bad". *- I'm not saying it's impossible to play proper football, I saw many beautiful goals during 8 seasons I have played so far since beta.
  7. Had the same issue, even my mouse was laggy. Fixed it by forcing vsync and few other things in Nvidia panel.
  8. I really had high hopes for this patch, especially because according to patch notes, it addressed the most reported issues. But I have to say, I'm really disappointed. First of all, the long balls over the top. They were an issue before but now it's just insane. All I see are one on ones after hoofing the ball. At this point the game feels like "hoof it simulator". Defenders don't seem to react to the ball until it hits the ground. Instead of anticipating the trajectory of the ball they just run towards the attacker or completely ignore everything that's going on. Oh, I'm not angry because it happens to me but... despite playing with high line and high pressing intensity it's much worse for AI and my strikers/wingers get many chances due to long balls over the top every game. But the scores are all right because nobody can score those chances. I was hoping that this update will make my striker useful in any way but that's not the case. What's the point of having a top quality striker if he can't score any good chance? Honestly, I feel like I could play my keeper at the top and it wouldn't make any difference. I feel more scares when opposition have ball in crossing position then when someone is running free on goal for the third time in a game. One thing this update has fixed, at least for me, is the side net shooting. It seems to be gone. I'm not sure what I should do next, go back to 19 or any previous versions because I love this game so much or just stop playing at all hoping that the game will be fixed any time soon. What I am sure is that I'm not going to preorder any more FMs.
  9. I always felt that striker is more likely to miss good chance when he has too much time. Seen it many times IRL.
  10. I think it's been aknowledged as a bug by SI (or at least somebody told me that in feedback thread). I'm seeing it too, especially in lower leagues with defensive players. No matter how good defensively we are, whole defence can't get a good rating unless they score/assist.
  11. They said they know about the issues and are working on the fix iirc
  12. I wonder if it is possible to make PKMs necessary i.e. you can't post there if you didn't attach it. Also, I think that general "bug status" sticked thread could be helpful.
  13. Another "horrific" game for my defence, all players except for RB who got assist have terrible ratings, despite the fact we were really solid and drew with the best team in the league.
  14. I don't understand ratings in this game. I've just won 1:0 against much better side and we held them off perfectly the entire game. They created NOTHING. Best rating in my defence? 6.6.
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