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    Bolton Wanderers fan, Been playing football manager games since the good ole days of CM 01 - 02, still not got a clue what to do when building my own tactic. Plug and player!! Love the game.

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  1. Thanks, I've been doing that to get the info, but it would be better to view on this profile page rather than the GKs free kick rating
  2. The goalkeepers height and weight is not visible on the profile overview page, we get a technical rating in the place of where these would normally sit, is there a fix for this please? or where would I find the xml file for this?
  3. Hi, great work as always. Thank you for the skin and all the solutions you have provided to resolve some issues
  4. Looks good mate, cheers. Used it for a few games now, got beat first game off Millwall 3 - 0, but not lost in 4 now. battered Sheffield Wednesday 6 - 2 away from home and beat leeds 4 - 1 at home. Can't seem to keep a clean sheet though. Conceded 40 in 22 games. 21st worst in league. But I suppose player quality wont help with that. Just to clarify, I have removed pass through middle, offside trap and attacking width is now standard. I have also removed get stuck in and I am not a fan of this instruction at all
  5. Cheers mate, what is meant by removing passing focus in possession?? does this mean removing play through the middle or shorter passing?
  6. Where can I find this mate? Sorry had a look through the search option up top but no luck
  7. Knap, are all your tactics attacking mentality? if so, what difference does it make if i change the mentality??
  8. No problem cheers mate, Just started one with Barca (I know) using the beowulf 4231 p108. holy **** what a thing of beauty. Removed tackle harder from all PIs and get stuck in from TI. Also changed WBs from attack to automatic. Played 9 games, won 9, scored 43 and conceded 4 (7 league games, 2 champs league) since changing WBs to automatic, I haven't conceded in 6 games. Good work as always mate
  9. Cheers Knap, appreciate it mate. Gone with Volante 4222 for my Bolton team when favourites to lose, Blue Matter press 433 and Beowulf press 4231 for home games. I am flirting with Argus 451 though. What would you recommend?
  10. Hey Knap, first of all, as always great tactics. I am really confused with what tactics to use, so many to chose from. I am reading the posts but still not got a clue which one to use because of the wide variety. What would you say is the best for top team and also for underdog. If you can link the tactics in your reply then that would be really appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hey, loving the idea of this tactic and can see the results you're getting. I've read the entire post and your tactic seems to be the one getting the results. However any chance you can upload the file for download. I am copying the instructions from your SS but not going anyways, also i am confused as to the comments about the corner setup. is there a link to these? saying that though if you upload your tactic then the set piece setup should be there
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