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  1. That sounds ideal, thanks a lot for the detailed advice!
  2. Back when I first started playing FM I risked running with no sub GK in a Europa League final, low and behold my keeper gets injured in the 53rd minute and I lost the final 3-1 with a defender taking the gloves. Not a mistake I'm keen to make any time soon but at least I can call it a product of early experimentation haha!
  3. Hey guys, Sorry to be a nuisance by making my first post a tech request and please accept my assurances that any mistake on my part in posting this here is a genuine mistake rather than a failure to read the FAQ's and use the search feature - having a look around I couldn't find a specific area or a recent thread that wouldn't involve a big bump. I'm looking to get a new laptop and a primary concern is how well it will run FM14, I've been looking at an Acer Aspire with the following specs: CPU, Memory and Operating System: Intel Core i5 3210M dual core processor. 2.5GHz processor speed. 4GB RAM. 500GB hard drive. Display features: Graphics: Intel HD Graphics. Dedicated graphics card. To help you advise - how well the 3D match engine will function is not a concern to me as I largely tend to play my matches in 2D classic, I'm more interested in knowing whether I will be able to smoothly and quickly run a medium/large amount of leagues with a large database? Cheers in advance and sorry again if this in the wrong place! Look forward to participating in this forum on a regular basis once I'm up and running. Edit: Much deserved facepalm, thank you kindly to the mod that moved this!
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