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  1. An update on my season so far , i find the tactic too inconsistent and quite poor defensively seem to lose at 1 goal evey game and lose to the weaker teams in the division, I know its probably not set up for scottish football but i have one of the better teams and i am struggling to get above mid table in the league
  2. I had a quick go with it , in the SPFL using Partick Thistle Pld 6 W 4 D1 L1 , 4 of those games i had 16 yr old youth keeper in. I will stick with it for the next season and see how it pans out
  3. Trying out the new tatic with Partick Thistle in SPFL - old one was good just a few daft results now and again but i think that i sdown to player quality rather than the tactic. Its hard to beat team with 10x more spending power than yours
  4. Going to give this bash with my Partick Thistle team in the SPFL, players arent that good but 2ns in the league with 8 games to go- could it get me over the line as champions!!!!
  5. Roughly how many youth/youngers guys do you have in the squad, i have a pretty youthful 1st team only 5 over 25 and 2 over 30 but have masses of decent/good prospects , when would you start clearign them out ? I have over 60 players on the books am i spreading myself too thin trying to develop that lot I peronally wait till the hit 30 for the established players and 21 for young guys if they cant get in the squad then i cut them asap
  6. I have a few really good youth players but have noticed that they arent developing as quickly as i would like. I mainly keep them in and around the 1st team squad so they get maybe 8/15 games a year mostly sub appearances from the ages 16-18/19, they are set to play all u-19 games and Reserve games. Do you think they would develop better at that point if they went out on loan to a lower division club and played games or leave that till their 19+ ? I have excellent youth facilties and the coaching is mostly 4 star
  7. I have used all the versions since v2 with my Partick Thistle save. v2 was good but i thought it leaked goals a little too much. V3 seemed tighter at the back i did however chnage the right sided striker to attack and it seemed to work better. Striker scored 39 goals in 47 games won the scottish treble and got to the league stages of the cl were we where hopelessly outclassed so happy with that season Now just stating a season with v4 so will use it and see how it goes.
  8. Once had a central African Republic DMC in FM12 played in my AC Milan team and was unbeatable cost £23m in his early tenties from parma i think , in fm13 had a Chadian goalkeeper in my arsenal team paid £8m from him from a saudi team. I have saw some bizarre seconf nationality combos down the years irish/swaziland, iceland/burundi, scotland/panama bost of these guys were rank regens or lower league journey men
  9. Been using this tactic for the last 2 and 1/2 seasons with Partick Thistle in the Scottish Premier.Mixed results and a lot of frustration half season pushed into the top half of the league with some decent results 1st full season finish 3rd getting into europe and 2 cup semis 2nd full season finished 6th , runner up in the league cup and got out of the europa league groups to be trounced by shaktar The Tactic seems to concede a lot of goals on the last 5 mins and wonderstrikes from centre backs who couldnt hit a white cow on a black background with a banjo!! Could be my team is poor, only £25kpw for wages and no transfer budget and a lot of young high potential guys. I will stick with it for another season to give it a fair test
  10. I have tried numerous tactic both downloaded and devised myself. I am playing Partick Thistle and I am in season 2017/18 in the Scottish Premier. I won the league last season and was UEFA runner up as well. Started with this tatic and won the league (Just) and also managed to win the Champions league and the Scottish Cup. Beat Napoli 11-4 on aggreaget and Portsmouth 15-4 on aggregate. I do find that although i score plenty the oppostion to also score quite a lot as well, so have invested in a couple of new full backs for this year!!!
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