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  1. Welcome back, Tom. It looks like you’re off to a fine start. I’m looking forward to seeing how your story turns out. Keep up the good work! I’ll be following.
  2. As I'm putting a team together using Create-A-Club, I have a couple of questions regarding how players learn new languages, and how important it is for them to do so. I'm creating a German club, and there are some players I'm interested in adding to the team who don't speak German. I know it's possible for players to have the chance to take intensive language courses. Does a player's Adaptability rating affect how successful he will be at learning a new language quickly? Or, if he's Adaptable enough, will he pick up German fairly quickly on his own, without taking a course? I ex
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I thought the highlighted attributes seemed to make even more sense this year, and now I know why.
  4. That makes sense. I started thinking about this issue as I was coming up with a way to evaluate players' suitability for the roles I've chosen for my tactics, so I could choose transfer targets for my team or develop my own players more effectively. For example, I'd always prefer a more determined player over a less determined one. All other things being equal, I'd prefer him to have more pace, rather than less. I wondered if the changing recommendations reflected changes in the match engine that, for example, made Pace more important for center backs in FM 19 than it had been in FM 1
  5. Hello, everyone- I noticed something interesting when I was comparing FM 19 to some of the older editions of the game. The key attributes for some of the positions/roles appear to have changed over time. One quick example: In FM 19, Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, and Pace are given as key attributes for a Central Defender on Defend duty. They appear to be "second tier" attributes, rather than "core" attributes like Marking, Tackling, and Strength. In FM 14, Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, and Pace didn't show up as key attributes for CD (D). Determination was considere
  6. 45, in the USA. I discovered Football Manager in 2013 (FM 12). I am a teacher, and some of my students, who are usually 16 or 17, play FM. My 14-year-old son plays FM, and his 11-year-old sister is intrigued by it too. I think the results we're seeing here reflect the fact that those of us who play FM and post on an internet forum about it are usually in our 30s or older.
  7. 10 March 2018 After a pre-season that saw his Gulskogen team rout one opponent after another, Aidan believed they were ready for the Premier Division season. They were mostly healthy; striker Ohi Omoijuanfo had tweaked his right thigh in training three days ago, and wouldn't be ready for the season opener, but otherwise Aidan had a full squad at his disposal. Aidan had made a good living as a no-frills target man, but as a manager, he liked to see his teams play from the back, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike. When they lost the ball, he wanted them to win it bac
  8. I've been spending so much time getting my own game and career tale started that I hadn't had much time to read what other people were doing. I decided to check out a few of the other threads here this evening, and I'm glad I did. I just read through your thread, and it's excellent. Good luck with the new job, and keep up the good work! Following.
  9. I'm glad to see you're continuing this project, @claassen. Your databases are outstanding, and they add so much to my enjoyment of FM every year. Like the rest, I hope the editor's issues don't cause you too much frustration.
  10. EDIT: I made a right mess of my Gulskogen save, largely because of my cluelessness about the rules of the Norwegian Premier League. After some thought, I decided to take a step back, reboot, and proceed with a fresh start. It all began when I realized that the League requires a team to register at least two players who were trained at the club for three years before their 21st birthdays. I hadn't chosen any players who met this requirement when I picked my team. Fortunately, I "auto-filled" my team after I picked the ones I wanted, and among the "auto-picked" players were a number of
  11. Thanks, King Cactus. I'll often choose a club to manage because I like their badge or colors, or because they're located in a city or town I find appealing for some reason. Drammen seems like a wonderful setting for a career story.
  12. 30 January 2018 Several weeks passed by as Aidan established himself at his new club and in his new city. He found a comfortable, affordable flat not far from a train station, which made it easy for him to get to Gulskogen's facilities. The club's grounds, Marienlyst Stadium, were set against a backdrop of hills, and Aidan thought it was a very pleasant setting for a stadium. He also found Drammen to be a beautiful city. He enjoyed relaxing with a walk along the Drammensfjord after training. The winter weather was colder than what he was used to in England, but Aidan decided
  13. Thanks very much, both of you! I'm encouraged by the fact that some of you seem to enjoy a thread in which the actions on the pitch are part of a larger story. I enjoy creating a tale like this, because it helps me become that much more immersed in the save.
  14. Prologue: January 2018 Aidan Harris knew what it was like to hear the crowd sing his name. He was often described as an old-fashioned English number nine: tall, strong, and brave. Whether or not that was a compliment depended on what you thought about old-fashioned English number nines, or whether or not Aidan was wearing your club's colors. Aidan Harris, he scores when he wants... He bagged nineteen goals one year for Reading. He put in 22 and 17 in successive years at Burnley. In three seasons with Spurs, he scored 50 in all comps. Aidan won his first ful
  15. United and Loyal: a Norwegian Adventure Hello, everyone. I started playing Football Manager about five years ago, which makes me a relative newcomer to this fascinating game. I've always loved to write, and about 15 years ago, I started writing "dynasty stories" based on Out of the Park Baseball. I discovered I enjoyed creating a wider setting for the game on the field; it made my engagement and immersion with my career even more intriguing and fulfilling. I'm going to see if I can capture that same kind of enjoyment with a FM 19 save. Most of my FM experience has taken pl
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