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  1. so i have successfully installed the mod but when i click on a background nothing happens. are they meant to change instantly? i am using the base dark skin that i have changed around a fair bit. and i have the background overlay file in the graphics folder any ideas why it might not be woking?
  2. i agree, each player has to be trained as an individual based on there age, injury proneness and attitude. some players can be pushed hard others cant and i would think that is how it would work in the real world. i have more success with training but it is time comsuming, but the rewards are worth it
  3. i have been using the graph as a barometer of the players preference to training methods. ryan babel graph is usually low and he doesnt like heavy schedules. (low determination). so i made a schedule for him that was lower in intensity and i started to an increase in his stats. i also focused on the areas he excelled in. players who are injury prone will tend to have lower bars in the graph so i will decrease the intensity and it keeps them somewhat injury free.
  4. a few games into season and i am getting alot of injuries during games. most recent is carragher out with a torn hamstring and he never gets injured for me. lost gerrard with a twisted ankle although he does get injured alot not all my injuries keep them out long though but im using all my subs for injured players
  5. my first major injury is to agger. this 1st one since i reverted back to your original schedules although agger is injury prone. hope the info helps * Type of Injury Received in Detail back strain from overexerting himself in weight room * Level of Training Facilities 20 i think i am liverpool * Time of Year mon 10th aug end of preseason * Players Injury Prone Attribute using FMScoutGenie 65 * Star Quality of Coaches taking Physical Training 4 star * Coach Level of Physical Training Attribute between 16 -18 for four coaches * Number of Players Training Physical Categories 46 * Number of Coaches in each Physical Category 2 * Coach Workload in each Physical Category light * "Hardness of Training" Coach Attribute for each Coach taking each Physical Category using FMScoutGenie dont have fmgenie * Players Match Exercise and Fitness on day of Injury using FMScoutGenie last game played 30-7-09 played 78 mins. probably between 93-98% fit * List of Players Physical Attributes acc=12 agl=11 bal=16 jmp=14 nf=15 pac=14 stm=15 stg=14 * Any Particular Injury Trends at your Club knee, groin and hip injuries to youth players * Schedule the Player is on as above
  6. just a quick question. i put all my keepers bar reina on developing gk and they all are unhappy. i read in a post that as long as morale is high it doesnt matter. is it possible that they wont train aswell and not develop where as if they were happy then they will develop quicker?
  7. OK so just read this post and have reverted back to your original schedules and i will post the injuries as and when they occur. i am still in preseason and have 4 to 5 star coaches and all loads are light. i am lfc so facilities are excellent.
  8. a quick background i'm starting as liverpool and have 4 to 5 star coaches so far i have reduced the training schedules down to heavy for developing and medium high for 1st team and vets i dropped down to medium. i had a couple of injuries mostly from physical training so i dropped them a notch, so far so good. i'm still in preseason so i will probably reduce 1st team schedules some more if necessary will post how it goes
  9. meyer


    is this for pc only or will it work on a mac?
  10. scouting next opposition i think this should be a feature for the asst mngr in reality i cant see scouts being asked to look at every team you play cos he would have no time to look for new signings. as part of the tactics trainig viewing video of the next team is how you identify key players a detailed report from your asst would be ideal depending on his ability.
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