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  1. He will send me pictures, and more about this theory, so i will share it with you
  2. A player in our community came up with an interesting theory. He said, that if his own tactics are in the tactics folder, the game often uses these tacitcs against him. And it is much harder against his own tactics. He said he tested it, but i don't know. Any information about this? Is this theory true?
  3. Dear SI! I would like to ask, if there is any chance to let the fans and their communities to make their own translation? I think there would be a lot more sold copies, cause many of our players say, that they would buy it, if they could play it on our own language. I think it would be good, if you let us to improve your game this way Can we work together? Greetings Márk
  4. Is there any chance for Hungarian translation in the future? What the Hungarian players have to do for it?
  5. Dear SI Games, I am writing to you because I would like to get some information about our chance for the Hungarian language in Football Manager Series. The Hungarian Football Manager players would be very greatful if there would be our language in the game. One or two years ago we get the information, that firstly there must be much more sales in Hungary, and than you will think about it. I think the sales are higher because there is much less and less people who downloaded the game from torrent sites. They wish Hungarian language too. Please tell us if we have any chance for a tranclation in the future. And if you need, there is a lot of people in Hungary, who can help you translate too. I am looking forward to your answer! Yours faithfully: FM Hungary Team and Hungarian FM players Ps: Sorry for my bad English, I am just learning it.
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