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  1. So I got Luton up to the championship throught the play offs and I'm struggling to get championship calibre players would you mainly just loan a team as I only had 500k transfer budget. Do you guys have any advice or any tips/tricks TIA 😊
  2. So after starting a save with Leeds United and a long break from FM I got sacked from Leeds United and got offered the Luton job mid season and with there finances in tatters and not a hope of brining anyone new I pulled the squad together and managed to go on a really good run on form. But out of the blue I lost 4 - 1 to bottom of the league. How can I make sure this doesn't happen again and tips/pointers? Thank you
  3. Hi guys sorry if this is in the wrong thread but is there a link someone could give me to learn a little bit more abit setting up a successful tactic? Thank you in advance
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