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  1. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Louis Van Gaal offered to leave MUFC on Saturday, but was talked into staying by Ed Woodward.
  2. why did Van Dijk get left out he is better than most the defenders going .
  3. Wenger should be given a contract for life .
  4. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    oh dear West Brom done the double lol
  5. This Bebe lad seems to be rather decent in portugal.
  6. Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    European chumps lol
  7. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Aye was fantastic on the Walcott goal just watched it go on .
  8. Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    Will Rafa last until the end of the season ?
  9. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Pepe Reina is rather **** now
  10. Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    Azpilicueta what a ****ing diving tit
  11. Do you guys think Rio ,Giggs,Scholes will go end of the season?