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  1. Yeah that's what I meant.. Didn't work. Luckily the normal sidebar skin works but I'd prefer the mini
  2. yeah i know That's how I got back to clear the cache, still didn't work though. Thanks
  3. Wtf. Where is the FM button with all the settings, preferences, save game etc.? I have tried clearing the cache
  4. Nice balanced reply, which is good to hear I see his frustrations too, the number of goals across all matches is pretty annoying but it's clearly being looked at which is good.
  5. Looking forward to it. Just started a damn match before I found out. Really hope the huge scoreline issues are fixed, and my top player attracts interest like he should
  6. Good to see the goals issue is still there. It is now the 27th of August. In my league, the Portuguese Premier division, there hasn't been a 0-0 draw since the 14th of March. The latest result was an 8-0 win for Sporting over Olhanese. That's 92 games AND COUNTING. And since it's across the board it can't be my tactics since there's big scorelines with every team in the division.
  7. Well I had him under long term contracts, just signed a new one the other week, asking for 20 odd K per week as he wasnt that interested in renewing, but I offered him the max I could afford, so naturally he asked for plenty of bonuses.But yeah the value thing etc. It's all very odd. Not the worst though as I get to keep him edit: He had a release clause of 11 or so million under his previous contract to a team in the CL, so was an absolute steal for anyone. Except nobody wanted him.
  8. Hi. I have this player and he is properly world class. I've had him 7 seasons and every season except his first he averaged above 7. The thing I find very very odd is, not once in his 7 seasons was there the slightest interest from a bigger club. Very weird as he is 10 times better than anyone else in my average squad that there has been no interest in him at all in 7 seasons. Wondering if it is a problem or what causes another club to become interested? I'm delighted nobody wants him but I just find it odd. Especially since I have awful finances so maybe I will need to sell eventually. "][/url]
  9. Btw noticed the skin. I've been meaning to look for a new one as the dark skin is doing my head in. Is that Helvatica Light from FM scout?
  10. But with my games, they never seem to be cagey affairs where it could go to the last 10 minutes before someone nicks the win. It seems to be which team can score more than the other, I score then you score or whatever. FM14 was absolutely fine, I never really noticed anything wrong with it, obviously a good thing.
  11. Still a goal every second attack. Just drew 3 all. People will say it's my tactics, but when there's a stupid amount of goals every single game, it just becomes disheartening. It feels like no matter what I do, there's gonna be loads and loads of goals. Makes you feel sort of helpless and annoyed. Results since the update: 1-4, 3-5, 2-1, 3-3, 1-1, 2-1, 0-3, 3-3 Blame my tactics or whatever but this is a bit much, even if I play defensive, every game just seems ridiculously open, nearly every extended hilight is a big chance. I'm hopefull it will be tweaked/fixed by full release.
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