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  1. I'm two seasons in and not a single partnership has formed... not even an orange 50% one...
  2. I may be wrong here... but your youth generation is dependent on what you had 3-4 seasons ago, since the players that typically come through your youth system are either already "Trained at club (15-21)" or are about due to be in a year or two. So, in order for you to start reaping the benefits, you need to be looking 2-3 seasons ahead with your youth recruitment and training. Again, I may be wrong, but... I'm sure the U18 coaching staff have nothing to do with what your regens will have ability-wise. These are players that are training in your hidden youth setup which is defined solely by y
  3. Leave. Valencia aren't a club capable of consistently being at the top, and the board expectations would be too high. Being reliant on loanees doesn't help the situation either.
  4. Right... and that therein lies the problem does it not? I mean typically Mbappe is a RW for majority of his game time at club and national level, why is he only 100% effective at being an AF when the majority of his playtime is out on the wing? I understand that Attributes contribute a lot to this role system, but if you have a player that smashes the required attributes out of the park, then they should be 100% effective at multiple roles in multiple positions (so long as the position is Natural). Now I'm not saying he should be 100% effective at being a Winger, because his crossing isn't tha
  5. I can send you my save file for you to review (I don't know if editor or tools allow you to look at previous values etc) but typically in the last season and a half, his attributes are typically declining until I question him about his development (which he either accepts or complains about me being too critical). That gives him a couple of weeks of improvement, before he starts declining again. His performances are becoming really suspect this season too - extremely inconsistent in performances. It's like he's 32, not 24 lol.
  6. Aye, and why is that though? He's been training as a Winger, and playing as a Winger for 4 years... surely he should have improved in some way, but all he seems to do is decline after 22. With someone as developed as Mbappe from such a young age, he should be 100% effective in a large amount of roles and areas (since IRL he's very effective in playing multiple roles as a Striker, and a Winger)... I'm not sure why FM is limiting his capacity to only an AF in FM2019. If anything he should be an IF since that's where he mostly plays for PSG and France. The new training system is great, for the
  7. I'm literally just trying to get Mbappe to be an effective Winger, or Inside Forward... basically play at 90-100% effectiveness in the RW position to justify his wages and cost. Also on another note; Mbappe's decline is unreal and occurs way, way, way too early. I'm constantly having to tell him to train harder, and his progress is poor, and he's predominantly getting worse despite good training performances (above 8.00 each week).
  8. Thanks for the clarification... however it doesn't really work very well then, since Mbappe has insane attributes across the board, especially as a winger, yet he has like a 60% colour marker for his Winger role. He's a Natural in both RW and ST, and yet no role in the RW position is suitable... despite training specifically for the Winger role for the last 3-4 years, he's made no progress at all. Edit: To clarify what I mean... You can find a Natural RWer with the Winger role listed as 100% effectiveness, yet their attributes can be far inferior than Mbappe's attributes, so how
  9. I typically build shortlists specific to positions for players that have high potential once my scouts locate them. Obviously, I can't buy every one of these players when I find them, so they typically sit there for 2-3 seasons at a time before they become too old to reach their potential or cost too much to consider bringing to the club on an economically sound deal. However, usually after 1 season of not being scouted, the player knowledge completely disappears and you can't look at any pros or cons anymore. Please can you make it so that players on any Shortlists are automatically scou
  10. I am yet to succsesfully train any player to Natural in any position. I am also yet to train any player to naturally play a new role in his given position. I'm in my fourth season, and a lot of training hasn't changed for the players still at my club.
  11. In the 27-season history of the premier league, has there ever been a team that's been 4-0 up before the 15 minute mark, and then proceeded to hit the woodwork of the goal 17 times in the remaining 75 minutes, and have a total of 42 shots with the scoreline finishing 4-1 and the opposing team have a single shot all game? This scenario is pretty much every game at the moment on my save because my team is constructed of just world class players, and a couple of youths capable of making it to world class status. The game always seems to compensate. It understands my team is going to win, and 99%
  12. Game engine seems to be compensating massively. I can play a game and go 4-0 up in the first 15 minutes after 4-6 shots, and then for the remainder of the match I have the annoying goal cam where it shows the ball not crossing the line, or I hit the woodwork about 10-15 times, or my players don't land another shot on target, or their goal-keeper all of a sudden becomes the greatest goalkeeper on the planet. Meanwhile, they'll have 2 shots on target the whole match and likely score 1 or 2 goals. I've won my last 10 games or so 4-0, 4-1, 4-2... but it seems to be capped to be more realist
  13. ... ...clearly people don't understand what exaggerating, to emphasise a point, is on these forum boards. +1 to the super-original guys posting evidence of winning away matches. The problem still stands. Roles are far too important when constructing tactics, and there's nothing at all in-game that suggests that changing roles can have an adverse affect on the tactics themselves. My players have gone from standing still with the ball "searching for a pass" with blatant passing options available, and passing the ball straight to the opposition to passing the ball to players with
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