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  1. My first season at Tranmere hasn't got off to the best of starts, losing 2 and drawing 2 in the league and getting knocked out the Capital 1 cup and Johnstones Paint Trophy. However, having changed my system to an unothodox 442 (Defensive forward and a shadow striker) I've been rewarded with a credible draw against a good Derby side (Relegated from Championship) followed by a 4 match winning run to make top spot a meagre 4 points away after 9 games.
  2. You may as well play classic mode! Instant Result is easier than holidaying individual days.
  3. I thought I'd post in this thread after lurking for a while and enjoying some of your updates. After getting annoyed with player interactions in the full mode I gave Classic mode another go this year and decided to do my career save. Setting up a game with England, Spain, Norway, Belgium and Sweden I embarked on a journey to start unemployed. First stop was Byrne FK in Norwegian 2nd Tier, with 4 games left they were 3 points adrift of safety, could I be the man to save them from relegation? 1st game saw defeat and looked unlikely. 2nd game I managed to draw and keep within 4 points of safety. Won my final 2 games but unfortunately still got relegated. I resigned and started looking for my next destination. After a long while Roeselare in the Belgian 2nd Tier came calling, after saving them in my first season from relegation I got a steady mid table in season 2. Considered leaving due to restrictions on players willing to join my club but decided to give it another year. My star MC from season 2 had been poached by Nice so I was left with my back up AMC plugging the gap. This turned out to be inspired propelling Roeselare to a 3rd place finish and a chance at the playoff. Promotion was never on the cards and we finished bottom managing to pick up a draw and a win against Mons. I resigned after most of my 1st team got poached again and decided I could take them no further. It took a while to get a job I wanted but Oldham came calling sitting 24th in League 1 I thought it was a good challenge. After taking the job I realised they only had 1 CB and 1 long term loan left, so I immediately used that to bring in a young CB from Sunderland. I struggled for consistency but managed to finish 20th saving them from relegation. I started planning my team building for next season but to my surprise I got sacked! York finally came calling fighting relegation in league 2 I struggled to find a system that worked consistently but managed to put a 5 point cushion between myself and relegation but went and lost 3 in a row and got sacked. This time I felt I deserved it. To my surprise Tranmere offered me the job at the end of the season having lost in the League 1 playoff final. And this is where my game currently is. I'm really enjoying classic mode and don't think I'll ever go back to full game again.
  4. I'm currently playing in the Belgian Second Tier with Roeselare and I've had some decent success with a 4-1DM-2-3 wide. I was predicted 15th and finished 7th narrowly missing out on the play offs. I play with standard and flexible and only a few of TI's (Press more, push higher up, work ball out of def and more freedom).
  5. This happened to me as well. Easy way to solve the problem is join the darkside and start playing classic mode! It's restored my faith in this version of the game because it removes the buggy player interactions
  6. I've never had this issue. The option to remove unlockables would be good.
  7. I've recently just started FMC. I tried FMC13 but couldn't get into it. But with all the interaction issues with FM15 I decided to give it another go and I must admit I'm a full convert now! It takes me back to the roots of the game. I'm currently trying to take KSV Roeselare into the Belgian Pro League.
  8. Is it only me that as soon as I get a job the first thing I do is remove backroom advice!! This is the worst feature going!
  9. This kind of thing happens in real life. Look at the Chapions League final that Chelsea beat Bayern in. If you want total dominance and ridiculous scorelines go play FIFA! Football Manager has always been a frustrating game!
  10. There's a review for it here: http://www.gizmag.com/microsoft-surface-pro-review/28138/ It manages to play Batman: Arkham Asylum on it so I'd guess it will play the full fat FM on it. It is the full Windows 8.1 so you should be able to download steam and get FM that way. Hope that helps
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