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  1. Odd facts of living on a spinning oblate spheroid. It's always colder at the top and bottom. It's always warmer around the middle. So in terms of 'length of summers' they are much shorter at the poles and much longer at the equator.
  2. You'll need to adjust how you do things. The AI, as already mentioned, changes the way it plays matches against you. It will play narrower, more defensively, you will start to see more out & out defensive formations (5-4-1, 3-3-2-1-1 etc), and several other small tactical changes. You need to change & adapt formation/tactics over time yourself to compensate.
  3. FM11 needs a new injury system.

    We also regularly read in papers about x player taking injections so that he can play through the pain of a minor injury. Those reports seem to give the impression the players willingly have injections so that they can get match time. In FM ... never happens, as the player seems to react as if you just suggested he do something innapropriate with his sister .......
  4. Smallest stadium expansion?

    Someone from LLM forum posted about getting a 7 (or 5 seats .. was somewhere around that figure) seat upgrade to thier stadium, was a year or so ago ...
  5. why shouldnt i buy from pc world?

    DO NOT buy from PC World, Currys or Dixons (all 1 company) Thier tech support is bad because they are heavily pressured into sales-targets. Thier tech support is scripted, and most of thier script solutions involve a SFR solution (Scandisk, Format, Remaster). If the scipt doesnt provide a SFR solution, it makes them refer you to the software support line, a Premium Rate number. An engineer home visit is the LAST RESORT, and call agents require authorisation to arrange it. Most of thier engineers only do part swapping, and will not investigate faults, or check that the swapped part actually fixes the problem. Any decent call agents they get are quickly driven into quitting by the systems that they are forced to follow, which means only the stupid braindead morons stay on to answer the calls. See here for a complete list of DSG owned companies to avoid like a desease infested whore.
  6. Not really, a few minor upgrades will definately help. The Data Base FM uses can get really big .. Like all aps FM uses 3 types memory RAM, HDD and Virtual RAM (aka the Swap File) If you use windows XP, you can install upto 3GB of RAM If you use windows Vista/7 you can use whatever you can afford/fit to your board If your motherboard supports SATA hard drives, get a 2nd drive and use the onboard RAID setting to create a single RAID0 partition 2 HDD's 'striped' as a single disk doubles the read/write & seek times (for best results get a duplicate of your current hdd) More RAM slightly reduces the swapfile usage and improves overall usage speeds, a raid0 setup significantly reduces swapfile access times, 1 or both upgrades means FM runs faster and takes longer to reach the slowdown point, but you will still eventually hit it.
  7. Better balance of regens..?

    FM uses a linear distrubution method for PA so you get lots of low values, and few high values. When you use a low number of league options your dataset becomes heavily biased to the active leagues only over time. Changing this would basically mean a rewrite of some of the core DB processes in the game, so your question actually becomes Do SI want to do this? Can SI do this? If, as some SI posters claim, some of the core functions of the game aren't understood by the development team, then 'fixing' things is actually impossible.
  8. Absolute joke

    I often think they were done by seperate teams within SI, that never spoke to each other during the process. 1 to write the talk options 1 to code the effects on the teams there is a possibility googletranslate was used in the process too.
  9. Accrington Stanley, who are they?

    Don't forget the milk.
  10. Should we categorize types of passing?

    Volleys should be more "1st Touch" biased ... whether they are in the game or not i dunno technique seems to apply equally to just about everything. Different types of pass are currently covered either by PPM's or Instructions .. so no real need for multiple stats
  11. B teams in FM11

    I avoid B team management since my FM09 experiences with it ... It was incredibly frustrating. Signing players for the B team was impossible, as the A team manager was constantly cancelling contract offers, even though the "1st team manager controls contracts" was unchecked. There didn't seem to be a way to utilise A team players, even with the "players can move freely" setting enabled in the affiliation rules. B team players were constantly unhappy because they werent getting enough games ..... even though they had played in EVERY match for the B team. It's the little things that really colour your views of a game, and it all left me with an impression that SI don't really pay attention to small details.
  12. If the points are spread tightly over the needed attributes for how you intend to play them, you can go much lower than 150 CA and still get a relatively decent player, 120-125 seems to be about the absolute minimum for Premier level play. Add in good morale and a high level of gelling and they can overperform regularly, but you do need to watch matchday confidence levels as when it drops you'll get hurt. Gelling and Confidence become more vital when you don't have all singing, all dancing super players.
  13. Ca & pa

    The official editor wont help with regens though .... a CA set to 0 gives a random value the PA can can be a positive number for a fixed upper limit, or a value of -1 to -10 which returns a random number over a preset range eg Player 1: 59/109 Player 2: 0/-6 Player 1 has preset values (which put him in the Blue Square to L2 level of ability) Player 2 has random values every time a new savegame is created the PA of -6 will give a range of 90-130 ** the CA will be set between 1 and 130, the players minimum and maximum values. It only lists players and staff available when the DB is loaded into your savegame for the 1st time, after that you need a 3rd party tool. ** not the actual values, but used to demonstrate the process.
  14. Which is why we need more control over how we watch a match unfold. Sometimes the text based match report is more informative than actually watching the animations. Sometimes I have to work things out from the analysis tool, when the report/match view werent clear.
  15. When do you buy Football Manager?

    Never before the final patch is released. And sometimes not even then.