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  1. USA, China and Japan for merchandising to send players on loan i recommend feeder clubs in Spain,Italy,Netherlands,Brazil and Portugal
  2. i bought bale and neymar in chelsea for 200m pound each with instalments of 4 years your bid wont be rejected if its 200m pounds for indispensable player best way to sell a player is offer him on loan and when clubs come in with loan offer negotiate them as transfer offer
  3. declare interest and bid on player, if bid gets rejected, player gets angry and may hand transfer request thats what i wait for i do this all season and 2-3 out of 10 hand in transfer request.
  4. if PA is 200 and player is aged 15, he gains CA slowly towards 200 in start he may have 100 CA but if he gets injured his CA drops, injuries cause players to drop CA with time after age 25 he wont be able to generate much CA so you can say he will never reach 200 PA this way and his rating wont be a 5 too in my career mode i have seen messi getting injured for 4-5 months but his PA is static PA dont drop for me already explained by alex
  5. it depends upon the highest PA player in club if u sign messi all of ur other player may turn into 2 star depending on PA/CA ability of ur assistant coach
  6. 5 years at club, few trophies and legend status i think thats enough
  7. sign messi or balanta PA near 200 if anyone will be near 200 PA on regen day he would likely be a 4.5 or 5 star hope for best on regen day with top youth training and training facilities and sign 20/20 PA/CA scout for player scout report
  8. i have 26 scouts and 25 are scouting 2 nations per scout constantly with 3rd assignment as region near their 2 other scouting nations doing 2 nations per scout because scouts dont gain knowledge about other countries in the region if u assign a region as his only assignment. 3rd assignment is just to make sure ur knowledge of few other countries which you are not scouting dont go down now if u are thinking what countries m i scouting this is the link of countries of different regions and i am scouting red ones. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2010-players/48183-scouting-reg
  9. win some trophies and become a club legend board will allow you to chose from a list
  10. hmm i will keep try n will post if i got success i let board to find one they come with nothing. and if i choose from the list they give, its becoming a loaning feeder club instead of work-permit one even in countries like belgium,croatia.
  11. if u are playing with english club and player is from england, possibly the player want to become home grown or the feeder club is not giving them first team option. i tried sending england players on loan outside and they reject u can try sending players which are not from england on loan and they wont reject possibly if the feeder club is giving them first team option
  12. 1. age less than 25 2. 4 PR and 3 CR atleast (3.5 PR for youth) 3. Pace and Stamina atleast 15
  13. can you post a pic which show "work-permit" in the link type coz i asked the boardroom for a work-permit club and they let me to choose one. i chosed dinamo now but its not working.
  14. dinamo and leige link pics reports suggest player will fail work permit according to scout hmm
  15. yea i was talking about young players which only get wage 30k-50k and still ignore new club due to salary. it would be good if this option is added on these kind of sales. will be good money to sign new players
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