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  1. Thank you! Glad to know it's not just me :-).
  2. I opened the game for the first time in a couple days and see there was an update. Suddenly there is degradation in performance when viewing a match and I never changed any match settings. Players don't run smoothly like they did the last time I opened the game. I run on iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB and 8GB RAM. The game says it's "5 star" graphics quality. My settings have been: Graphics Quality - High Render, Mesh, Shadow, Texture, Anti-Aliasing - Medium Crowd Quality - Low I really enjoyed the 3D match experience with these settings, but am finding myself extremely frustrated since I did nothing to my computer while away, and all of a sudden the game isn't as smooth. Any suggestions?
  3. I like to leave Opposition Instructions to my assistant. Is the Tactics or Tactical Knowledge rating more important for an assistant when letting him handle opposition instructions?
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