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  1. Its a well known bug and needs to be looked at come FM15.
  2. I want to download this tactic with Marcelos tweaks to corners and defence. Where can I download this updated version?? Please help
  3. Also, incase you dont know, Dylan Tombides should be removed from the game as he has sadly passed away
  4. Will you release this afternoon? Looking at starting a new save. Hope you can release today and not tonight.
  5. I think we need to see an overhaul of the regen faces. Currently, they are putrid and simply disgusting. Surely they can be improved. I play without them, as I cant stand looking at them. Please SI, work on this area Also would like to see improvements on sounds. Maybe crowd getting excited when my team is pressing for the equaliser etc. Different tones of crowd sounds perhaps. More improvements on the tactical side of the game, I.E revolutionise pressing. Will take time, but we need it improved in FM15. Ball boys in 3D Pitch, along with managers. Needs to be done, no excuses. Better skins. More professional UI.
  6. All done mate. I am a believer in making my own tactics and I believe this one will really impress.
  7. Hi Guys, Now, I firstly want to say thank you for taking your time to read my post. I always like to build my own tactic, and after many months of working on a plug and play tactic, I have finally created a tactic that can be successful with any team. FM14 has improved immensely and I thank SI for that. Results The shape of the tactic was designed to give you the ultimate results. You wont regret downloading this tactic. I wanted to build a tactic that is half decent at the back, but a tactic that can be universal, in that it can create heaps of chances. Team Mentality It stays on Standard, however please hear me out. For home matches I play on ATTACKING, even if I am playing against a better side. Unless I am playing a team 3 divisions higher then me, I dont change it. For away matches where I am favorite, I also use attacking. If the odds are close, I usually go Attacking or Standard. For matches where I am clear underdog, use Counter or Defensive. That is all I change. I dont touch instructions or player instructions. So this tactic is essentially Plug and Play. Just use some initiative when changing team mentality. NO OI are used, and I create my own team talks. I just use common sense. BUT a note: I find that being tough on players is rewarding. I won the Greek Superleague with PAS Giannina in my first season with a default squad. My computer is stuffed and I cant create screens at the moment, so please bear with me I am confident this structure will work for you, and it will make you LOVE the game again. I guarantee TEAM TRAINING: Balanced on High, and Defensive Positioning TACTIC!>>>>>>> http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/97490082/file.html I would love feedback as I am currently working on improving my tactic and making it even better. I wish you all the best success.
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