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  1. Ok, thanks. I'm now ready to lead Bishop's Stortford to some UCL glory
  2. And what about facilities and wage/transfer budgets? Are they proportionate to other PL clubs?
  3. I mean later in the game, after few seasons. When you are in top league, getting quite far in Cup but still earning 2 mill per year just because you used to be in 6th league 7,8 seasons ago. That's what happened in previous versions. You finally get to Premiership and still earn like League 1 club.
  4. Or you still get like 2 million euros per year from sponsors just because club started in 6th league. Is board finally matching your ambitions by improving facilities and budgets as you progress or you will still have 15k stadium and 10 million wage budget even if you are regular in top league and winning trophies?
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