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  1. On the Sheffield Wednesday tests Parisienne 4231 IFs edition, seems to be very good. Matched the 2nd place finish! Which is unbelievable achievement considering the other results 👍
  2. Hiya mate its this one !FM21.5HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap41320P105ALLCUPSCEBBP110.fmf ill carry on testing and hopefully find a tactic that can win the league with Sheff Weds first season - ULTIMATE TEST
  3. Carrying on sheff weds Test - ive added burnley in also Burnley test with Run like Hell 4231 - 6th place finish! really good fair play Sheff Weds with Parisienne 4231 - IW edition - 8th place finish
  4. carrying on my sheff weds tests - Strikeless HGF - 41320 - 2nd Position and Automatic Promotion! - best result so far!!! BEOWULF 424 - i was sacked around december in 20th position HGF 4231OX - Finished 8th will carry the tests on
  5. 21.6 tactics................ Sheff Wednesday tests - done myself, hard test, predicted 24th in the league with a 6 point deduction - 21.6 - ( I HAVENT FOUND A TACTIC TO WIN LEAGUE WITH THEM YET! hence why im using sheffield wednesday) HGF 41212 Spurs one - 6th place and lost play off final - downside only 2 players rated over 7.00 average rating. Warrior 4132 - 5th place and lost in the play off final - shame - also player ratings tend to be poor once again - 2 players over 7.00 average rating. Venom and Faith 41212 - was sacked before christmas............................ in 19th position in table. BEOWULF 442 - 5th in the league - promoted via the play offs! - player rating once again poor though, only Barry Bannan above 7.00 average rating Venom and Faith 442 - 3rd and promoted via the play offs - good result Time 4231 C - 5th place lost in the play offs Warrior 442 - 5th place and lost in the play off final
  6. I’m testing them all with Sheff weds in championship. Start with 7 point deduction ranked 24th out of 24.. So see what comes out the best. Will report back,
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