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    My Names Alan Im 17 and love football manager.

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    Glasgow, Scotland


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    Football Snooker any sports really except cricket !!
  1. Ridiculous amount of passes

    Im currently watchin the Spain V Russia match IRL and 40 mins in Spain have already made over 150 passes so i don't think its weird
  2. Portugal National Squad ??

    Brought up brazilian born derlei who scored a double in his first match only against kazakhstan see what he does in bigger games though.
  3. Bring back the good old ...

    Then what is the point in complaining to the media about decisions going you way and you being punished when you are wrong and when your right nothing bit dissapointed hangs over your shoulder ?
  4. Im also guessing that you cheated for money ? you wouldn6 get over 18 mil for half the celtic team and you don't get that money in the first season
  5. Bring back the good old ...

    Snuggle I am a Rangers fan and i can admit that they were balant mistakes by the referee i know its probably the hardest job in football as you only get to see it once but the old firm get away with murder in scottish football the refs are scared to make big decisions against the clubs and its unfair on the smaller clubs as it cost dundee utd euro place.
  6. Potential Fan day glitch

    I think this would be a good addition to the new game team meetings/ nights out and fan days
  7. Potential Fan day glitch

    How do you set up fan days for your club ?
  8. huntelaar

    I don't really rate him much i signed him for man utd and he was quiet - i think he is more of a assisting player
  9. I always warn my players but if the decision is wrong and you have complained to media about it then you might get the backing of your players then
  10. I think it would be a great idea but i think that Si already work hard enough and this would just make things more awkward and harder plus there could be a lot of bugs in the game and the database would be larger.
  11. I thought about this idea before but personally i feel it wouldn't be possible and it would take alot of work to get this correct as they need to involve different responses for things and everyone will have different things to say on the game.
  12. No you cant tape them up! But in the case of injury prone players maybe it'll be a handy feature for future versions...... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> if you read the post its not about injurys
  13. Give me tips...

    Micah Richards
  14. Im also quite keen on Miguel Veloso from sporting i have him in my portugal squad and is probably my top player i really rate him.
  15. Ivan Alonso from murcia 5.25m celtic always sign him and he does well