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  1. So in the end I took John1's advice and went with Chievo. Very interesting side and will provide me with a much longer save I feel. Some good prospects in the side but definitely room to improve in the first team squad, I will be looking to give the likes of Vignato a run in the first team. I've brought in Staflydis for £1.8m, I feel he'll be a solid left back for us going into a tough season.
  2. Thanks for the reply both. Sorry my original post was so vague, just so unsure as to what team. Defo not anyone top 6. Fiorentina and Parma defo interesting me. Always fancied a Fiorentina save so it's swaying me that way.
  3. I really want to get a save going in Italy (seems to be a lot of FM'ers heading there this year) but can't seem to make my mind up on who to go as. I fancy a team like Sampdoria but I'm thinking it might not be very long term. Pretty much open to any interesting sides/stories either Serie A or B
  4. Really wanting to do a youth only challenge but am at a loss as to who to go with. Bit tricky at this stage as where aren't that far away from FM20 so it wouldn't really be able to be anything seriously lower league. Maybe second division? I haven't got a clue. Hoping you lot could help me out
  5. Interesting. Thanks for your help Neil I'll try it.
  6. Hi Neil. I just use Avast anti-virus.
  7. Hi guys. Whenever I hit space to continue it will go through the dates but then randomly go to (not responding). I play on windowed so I can see when it's doing it, it does it all the time but only last between 5-15 seconds. Any ideas? Cheers.
  8. Anyone know if we're going to be able to get one put on this years game? I guess someone will have to make it and upload it for download?
  9. Funnily enough I've started a save now and my attacking tactic seems to be working well......for now anyways haha.
  10. Ive had a few failed failed Forest saves on this years game but I really do want a successful long term one with them. They are the only team that are tempting me atm. I've never been able to get anything going tactically with them sadly. And help is appreciated chaps.
  11. Oo bugger didn't see that haha. Any advice from anyone is appreciated though. Not sure how many stadium packs there are?
  12. Hi guys, loving the skin. My only issue is (it's quite a petty one to be fair) is the stadium pictures are a little blurry. Obviously its the resolution of the stadium pack I've downloaded. Anyone got a link to stadium pics with a good res?
  13. Had a brilliant save with Soton last year... contemplating going for it again.
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