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  1. Wow some of you really seem to spend a lot of time on training. Do you find that it has a big impact or is it just finetuning player attributes slightly? I ask because I use the default schedules and have no trouble at all developing players, keeping them fit and keeping them injury free.
  2. 1 shot, 1 goal

    I'd really like to see some proof of your assertion that your opposition always scores their first chance for 7 seasons. Other than that, it's your tactics. Seriously.
  3. I don't bother. Just use the default training schedules and assign players to the one I want them to train in. Also sign the best coaches I can get. Players seem to develop quite well this way and I never have trouble in pre season either. The players are fit and injuries are quite rare.
  4. My right back problem....

    Depends on the way you want the back to play. If you want an attacking fullback then your centre back won't do (unless he somehow has good attributes for that).
  5. Selling top players at what age?

    To be honest I'd probably sell my guy too if he wasn't a club legend. He's still worth 22 mil and I've got younger guys banging on the door to play. Of course I don't mind loaning them out for a few mil each season
  6. Selling top players at what age?

    Well my best centre back is currently 30. Natural fitness and pace both 16. I'm sure he'll lastfor a while, maybe even 35, but I play with a high defensive line. I need my defenders to be fast.
  7. Selling top players at what age?

    Playing with 35 year old centre backs *shudders* They'd be way too slow for the way I play. I like my defenders to have lots of pace.
  8. The Dutch league is quite weak but the past 8 years in a row I've conceded less than 10 goals during a season (34 games). My record is 4 goals conceded and 22 games (in all competitions) without conceding. Getting the achievement for 30 games without conceding is proving very difficult. I play control, 4312 (3mc 1amc) and give my players quite a bit of freedom overall. The backs are set to wingback support and the centre backs to ball playing defender.
  9. Selling top players at what age?

    I prefer to keep legends at the club. The wages don't bother me, I also encourage them to get staff attributes and if they are decent they'll get a player/coach contract. Currently got a 33 year old regen striker who's close to 400 league goals for me. His physical attributes have dropped quite a bit but they're still decent (pace 14 for example) and he only has natural fitness 11. I'll keep the guy at the club till he retires and becomes staff or (he wants to become a manager) he gets a managerial job somewhere.
  10. Of course journeyman saves are possible. But as it is right now it's quite limited. If you want to move abroad the game seems to be very biased towards your current league's reputation and the reputation of the league you want to move to. The reputation of your current league has to be close to the target one or you won't have a chance. For example, I started at Ajax and before the league reputation increased to 4 stars I had no chance of getting any half decent job in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England. Some of the smaller teams wouldn't immediately laugh off my interest but there didn't seem to be any hint that they actually cared about me winning the CL several times with Ajax. Oh and the world cup with Argentina. Now that the Dutch league is 4 stars I'm all of a sudden the lead candidate for clubs like AC Milan when I declare interest... I've also never had any job offers and have seen my name linked to a vacant position maybe once in a blue moon. I don't really mind for now as I'm building an all Duth team which I want to win the world cup with, but there's definitely something wrong. Now imagine starting in umm idk which one has the worst reputation but let's say Indonesia...
  11. Exactly. Got mine set to mixed and while I do score a nice amount of corners it's not always the same guy scoring at the far post. He does score a bunch but so do my opponents. A majority of the goals I concede (though I don't concede many) are probably from far post corners being headed in, though perhaps this is just confirmation bias on my part. Last year I think I had 12 goals from corners in the league while Feyenoord had 15.
  12. There are reasons why he's highballing, I can think of a few right now: 1 He's just come through the youth ranks of his club and would rather stay at a familiar place to develop without too much hype. 2 He loves his current club because he's supported it since he was 1 month old! 3 He doesn't want to leave his club to a rival. 4 The agent hates you. 5 He hates your club (I had a lot of trouble signing a wonderkid from Feyenoord to Ajax!) Just a few examples. There are of course other things which will have an effect like his loyalty and ambition attributes.
  13. I'd just like to point out that that is simply a myth. It is not true.
  14. Hmm, could be a RAM problem. How much physical memory does it have, and how much virtual memory can windows use?
  15. I also like to use the "Enjoy the rest of the game" teamtalk at half time. Especially in the league because I'll win it anyways. Besides the players seem to respond well to it most of the time.