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  1. On FM16, when you click 'highlight key attributes for role', some attributes are highlighted in blue and some in grey. Does this mean anything, like ones in blue are 'primary' and ones in grey are 'secondary' or anything like that, or is it just a purely graphical thing?
  2. I don't really know if this is a bug or not, but I've noticed that when I change one of my midfielders to be a Ball-Winning Midfielder, the player instructions screen goes a bit weird and instead of words I see numbers underneath certain instructions. For example, right now I can see a '4' underneath the closing down instruction instead of more/less etc.
  3. I've got a globe icon on my desktop instead of the regular FM logos - is that normal? No big deal or anything, just curious
  4. This is very useful. Been using it to get a quick overview and insight into how roles behave without having to go through them all in game, useful when deciding what role to choose for a player. Appreciate it.
  5. It's a good question and something which has confused me since they got rid of the sliders. And I've never really seen a clear answer either, it's almost like some big secret nobody wants to let us in on I find it strange that they would completely change how they work from last year seemingly without telling anyone, at least, I wasn't aware of the changes so I'm sure most casual players wouldn't be either I get that SI probably want to move towards a more 'intuitive' tactical interface and away from "notches" and all that but this is a good example of how it can cause confusion and thus frustration when it's not explained clearly.
  6. What attributes would you guys say are most important for pressing? I'm trying to build a tactic with high pressing and so looking for players suitable for it. I'm thinking aggression, determination, work rate, positioning, stamina...? The way I see it, I don't necessarily need good tacklers, just players with the desire and physical ability to put pressure on the opposition to force them to make a decision quickly and hopefully rashly. Also, a slightly off-topic question perhaps but is anyone (particularly mods) aware of that 'guide to football manager' site and do you know how reliable/accurate the info on there is? I go there occasionally when I'm not sure what a certain instruction/role or whatever does but I have no idea if it's right/wrong (obviously a lot about this game is open to interpretation/opinion)
  7. What exactly does the game consider a mistake? On the analysis tab I mean - I'm watching some of them and I'm not understanding at all what's going on that could be considered a mistake. Sometimes the player isn't even anywhere near the ball or involved in the play.
  8. What's the deal with player interaction/promises and squad unhappiness this year? At the start of the year one of my players came to me saying he wanted to leave to play European football, I convinced him to stay by promising him we'd qualify for Europe that season and he agreed but had a 'slight concern' on his profile all season. Lo and behold it's the end of the season, we've just won the league (and thus qualified for Europe, although we achieved that weeks ago) and literally a day later the squad comes to me unhappy with my treatment of that player and not letting him leave??? What's the deal here? The player is also now unhappy. I don't get it. (Apologies if this is the wrong thread to post this) Edit: And now a player just came to me saying he wants to leave, I ask him what I can do to keep him and he says he just wants to win trophies, right after we've just won the league
  9. I posted about it in the sticky thread but didn't bother creating a new thread because it isn't a problem specific to one tactic or team for me. A bad workman blames his tools and all that but I really think this is a problem with the match engine itself rather than tactical inadequacies on our part. Ultimately I think the problem is that the attacking team seems to get on the end of more crosses than they should. Defenders not picking up opposition runners being the main reason that happens. I watch games exclusively on extended or above highlights mode and this is what I'm seeing. It works both ways obviously and I've seen lots of goals scored exactly the way OP describes, my AML/ML arriving at the back post and getting on the end of a cross unmarked. It's a bit dull playing in such a way that takes advantage of something like this though.
  10. Is anyone else having as much bother as I am with crosses and set-pieces? Mostly crossing is just killing me, literally every game I concede goals from crosses. It's pretty much killing my interest in the game at this point. Obviously many goals are scored this way in real life but it seems so disproportionately high this year.
  11. Another question, for some reason I can't see the 'dictates tempo' option available for one of my players to learn. Yet it is there for others. Anyone know why this might be? He is quite young, could that be it? Also has phenomenal technical attributes and high creativity/decisions/anticipation etc.
  12. Would appreciate it too if anyone can answer that question^ I still don't really understand how team instructions work together. As a quick example, I assume 'shorter passing' and 'retain possession' both tell the team to pass shorter. So if I use both of them, do the effects stack or does one take precedence over the other? In 'slider terms', let's say shorter passing reduces passing by 5 notches and retain possession by 4, would using them both reduce it by 9? (I know sliders are history but it helps to visualize what I mean)
  13. Personally I'm really glad to hear about the motion capture stuff. I don't really care about the new weather effects or stadia and things like that, I don't need the game to look 'prettier' in that sense. What I do want to see is clearer, more fluid animations that accurately relay to me what is happening under the hood so to speak and this seems like a good step forward in that regard. Right now there are a lot of instances that leave me wondering what has just happened because of the odd animations/movements of players. A common example is when one player goes to close down another, he'll get really close to the player on the ball and the two of them sort of coalesce in the same spot for a second before the pressing player drifts back a couple of yards and the one on the ball carries on doing whatever he was going to do. I don't know if the fact that I play on medium graphics has something to do with that (would appreciate it if anyone knows) but that's the kind of thing I want to see improved in terms of graphics. Again, this seems like a big step forward and will certainly improve the immersion in terms of watching games which is great. After all, everything that you do in the game is ultimately in preparation for match day so it makes sense to make that experience as good as it can be.
  14. What exactly does the aggression attribute 'do'? Does it just affect how hard players go in for tackles? Does it have any impact on how players press? I've noticed that most of my players when they close down don't do so with any intensity at all despite me using Hassle Opponents. Is that just something inherent within the match engine or is it because of low aggression?
  15. Let's just hope they can do something about it for FM15 because it's incredibly frustrating to see
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