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  1. Thanks for the reply! Looking at that thread, Benchmark B looks exactly like what i want really, and could even go C if i'm hardcore enough. Can't wait for it to arrive now
  2. I've got a new gaming laptop arriving this week, and hoping it will be great for FM (as well as some other games such as Red Dead etc...) Hoping with the below specs i can run as many leagues as possible (hopefully all) with a high star rating: Processor: i7 10750H (10th Gen) Memory: 16GB RAM Storage: 1TB SSD (with 4TB External SSD) Graphics: RTX2060
  3. Hi Tony, Just added it, name is Stoke vs spurs twice. Not using any customer databases, this is a save ive carried over from the beta with the latest updates downloaded from steam (v21.2)
  4. 3rd season into the game as Stoke, and I have managed to somehow play spurs twice at my own ground?
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