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  1. Any update on this Darth Rob? Does not seem to be anything on that site. Or does anyone else know of a Free Agency Database for FM 16? Cheers
  2. Can you? I can only select 3 leagues on my laptop. Or is this done through the advanced settings?
  3. Aaron I'm just rendering a video on YouTube and will pm you the video link once processed
  4. Hi Is there any reason why the assistant manager will pick a different team than the one i have set when using the instant result option? Is this standard, or is there a way to change this?
  5. Hi please can I get a response to the above. Also holding the player and dragging forward does not work on the tactics menu
  6. Hi, I'm using the galaxy tab s 10.5 and getting the same issue occurring every now and then. Sometimes it is like the game freezes and won't recognise when I select continue or any other option either. Only way around it is by force closing and then lose my data that wasn't saved. Also on the tactic menu I am unable to drag the players to swap positions etc... Any advice?
  7. never mind. A bit more digging and i have done it. it is under the league settings when under advanced rules.
  8. I have tried updating both and then verifed the rules. Then when using that edited database in-game the changes are not showing in the rules under the premier league. Anyone have any ideas please?
  9. trying to change the prize money for the premier league, and i am in the right place in the editor, but on the left hand side English Premier Division (2013) is listed twice. Which one do i update?
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