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  1. Sorry, i got bored waiting and purchased again. Worked fine the second timeand was on 69p so no worries
  2. No crashes or any other issues with the game. Payment etc was fine, receieved receipt from play store.
  3. Vadala, hes either boca jns or banfield... you can buy him for about 220,000 with wage approx. 1,500. Not amazing when you buy but gets very good quickly. Will sell for easily 2,000,000 at end of first season. Came to me at mansfield (english league 2). Someone else asked in this thread about oli banks and where he starts, he is at mansfield from the start.
  4. I recently purchased the training upgrade with youth academy and it has not been applied to the game. Ingame it said 'be patient' etc. I played the next season and it still has not been applied to the game. Any suggestions?
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