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  1. Absolutely brilliant post (as per)! Can't wait to see some footage of the attacking transitions. Congratulations on the nearly perfect season as well, shame to have only just lost out vs Liverpool in the FA Cup.
  2. Actually having moderate success with a 4-4-2 I have created with AFC Telford. I've only conceded 10 goals in the 18 games I've played and scored 23 (I think). All that results in a 55% win percentage and moving the team from bottom of the league to 16th. I also made it to the 3rd round of the FA Trophy if that's impressive? I'm not too sure. Plays out well and I've just got it fluid for the last two games and used defensive positioning as match prep and it's all looking very solid. There's two variations depending on the amount of pressing from the opposition. I'll post screenshots either tonight or tomorrow, it's just I'm very busy with University work at the minute so haven't had chance to post my progress.
  3. This thread is really promising! Really hope you get this going and turn Spurs into a unified, defensive powerhouse and notch up nothing but clean sheets. The stats for Capello winning the league by scoring 36 is absolutely insane! I do think maybe 'Be More Disciplined' with Very Rigid may be a bit unwarranted as the creative freedom is already very low with that fluidity.
  4. Determined to revisit this and get it working correctly. Has anybody tried lining up as an actual 4-2-2-2? So two DMs and two CMs? My idea is having one CM as an AP-S and the other as CM-A to replicate Koke and Turan then set them to mark opposition wide players. I'm fairly sure after reading some articles and watching some games Koke and Turan will often mark wide players to enhance the effort to double up during pressing traps out wide. With this, it should also lead them to drift inside when on the break or in possession and assume central playmaking positions further up the pitch.
  5. Will be following this with great interest, been trying to replicate this all year with little success. Hope you manage to crack it!
  6. Not a problem, I should have been a bit clearer! I've got a squad of tall defenders (one is 6"8 I think) so I should be competent in defending corners and crosses although it could be troublesome. If I lose to a quality strike from range then that's okay, but they're rare and with a good goalkeeper that should be at a minimum. I've considered playing without a striker, but then that would further reduce my 'out ball' as even more players would be in deeper positions. Although I may change the Trequartista to a Shadow Striker to be more potent going forward.
  7. I'm content with defending ridiculously deep, that's the plan. I do see your point about not being able to get out. I do disagree about the shouts you have suggested though, it seems as if those shouts would create constant attempts of counter attacking plays, however I only want to commit numbers when the break is on. Steady, cautious and patient. That's a valid point to be fair, hadn't considered the effects of those roles, I mainly play to the role most favoured by the personnel I have. I think the reason it didn't cross my mind is I do have some pace up front and I figured that would compensate for the lack of an aerial threat up top. Thank you for the shout suggestions, they sound pretty spot on. Have they worked for you? I like to try and limit my TIs to 5 to avoid any kind of contradictions. I think a move to a more rigid philosophy would be appropriate to limit creative freedom and open room for more defensive shouts. Out of interest where do you think the mismatch of roles within the set up are? I don't want a lack of players that are able to get forward on a possible break so I've tried to include some more direct attacking roles. I'm tempted to add 'Close Down Less' to my B2B midfielder as he seems to act like a headless chicken and throw us out of shape. This is something I've considered as Very Fluid appears to be too 'open' with people willing to step out of position to close down rather than be disciplined and keep shape. I prefer wingers, I have pace out wide so I want to exploit that and make them play as direct as possible. With them being in the MR/L slots they're deep enough to provide adequate defensive cover I feel. Only problem with changing the role of the striker is that I don't have a player in my squad capable of playing those roles, they're all pacey and small so having them looking to break the defensive line consistently is my best way of using them I think - unless you have a different suggestion?
  8. Upon having a break from the game, I've decided to start a journeyman save and travel everywhere bringing nothing but clean sheets and breaking defensive records... unfortunately, this has been near impossible for me to achieve. The aim is to sit behind the ball, be very hard to play through and be a counter attacking threat. Think Trapattoni or Mourinho at Inter Milan (in European games) and that's the aim. So here I am asking for help! I settled on the Counter mentality with the logic being I would sit deep with men behind the ball, denying the opposition any space and nailing them swiftly on the break. I coupled this with a Very Fluid philosophy in order to make sure the whole team contributes to the strategic aim of nullifying the opposition attack. Formation wise (due to the players available) I went with the following formation and roles: 4-4-1-1 GK-D FB-A LD-X LD-D LFB-D W-S CM-D BBM-S W-A T-A AF-A I added the following TIs: Be More Disciplined Stay On Feet Much Deeper Defensive Line Unfortunately, I'm seeing little in the way of clean sheets and even less in terms of counter attacks or goals. I'm in dire need of help so if anyone could offer any advice that would be great!
  9. I'm unsure on this as well, I assume it's an 'in possession' shout like 'play wider'? That's how I apply it anyway.
  10. I don't actually have any instructions for the role, I'm not really a fan of PIs as I end up confusing myself trying to specify everything a player does. With defending deep and encouraging the other team to attack he often finds a lot of space in our own half and frequently acts as the person carrying the ball forward on the transition to play a cross or shoot himself.
  11. Not at all, I use a similar system using 'Play Narrower' as well and the Winger - Attack on the right of my midfield is absolutely lethal on the break.
  12. Currently having a bit of success with this style of play with my North Ferriby side, obviously this a lot different but I'm sure some principles will apply to you as well hopefully! I use two DMs rather than CMs and I've opted with an attacking mentality with a very fluid philosophy. I find with a counter mentality that the team isn't aggressive enough to counter ruthlessly and are rather passive in defence. To combat the attacking mentality I'm using 'Much Deeper Defensive Line' and 'Play Narrower' and it seems to be working well so far with 5-1 and 4-1 victories in the last two games I've played and I believe I'm unbeaten in 7 games also. I also use 'More Direct Passing' and I've added 'Higher Tempo' to aid the speed of transition from back to front which makes for some very pleasing fast vertical play. Hopefully my experience with attempting this kind of system is of some use to you!
  13. I hadn't either until I tried this idea out. It is going fairly well even with Guiseley, losing 3 and drawing 2 of my last 15 games and making it to the fourth round of the FA Trophy. They were 19th when I took over and now we're comfortably in 9th with 40 points after 28 games. Hopefully it keeps on working!
  14. Well, I'm using man marking to get a defensive shape I want - so theoretically if you ask your wide midfielders to mark your full backs you can still press high up the pitch in what becomes a 4-3-3 and then have them drop deeper when on the ball. It's up to you in all honesty, but I have a variation which is a 4-3-3 and it can work as a 4-1-4-1 and a straight 4-3-3 depending on marking instructions. Basically what I'm saying is yes it will work if you mark their full backs. You're cutting off all their options constantly meaning your midfield can sweep up what gets played over the top and launch attack after attack. One thing is, I would keep the 3 in midfield and not ask anyone to press the centre backs so you can dominate the midfield. Firstly, I would HAVE to use my 4-3-3 vs. this. It's exactly the same as the 4-2-3-1, just drop the AP-s down to RCM and the BWM-D down to DM. From there, your midfield three and defence cover their most advanced threats meaning we don't have to add any marking instructions there. Depending on your opposition and their ability I would go one of two ways: 1. Striker mark their central centre half, AMCL and AMCR to mark their wing backs 2. AMCL and AMCR do the same job, except the Striker is asked to sit on the DM. Hope it helps and you get a good result!
  15. Just figured I would add some screens now I'm home and have played a little. Just had an incredible 9-0 away win at Bradford PA on my Guisely save, only my 5th game in charge after taking over in November, so the tactic is barely fluid either. I'll post screens to justify this too Tactic Bradford PA match stats etc. I should also note that Bradford PA were 6th in the league compared to my 17th entering the game. So far won 4 of 4 using this tactic even with Guisely, get some amazing attacking overloads and always look a threat. I think 13 CCCs is the most I've ever ever achieved in FM haha! One final thing - Bradford PA also play with a back 3 which proves this system works even against this less traditional set up. I marked the Central centre back with my striker and allowed my AMC to sit on their central MC whilst my 'wingers' marked their wide midfielders, easy as pie!
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