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  1. hello knap, I'm confused, to leiceister what tactics do you recommend me? this !!!!!!!!! 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP104ALLCUPSSALAH or !!!!!!!!! 19.3.5WULF442PFPWMKnapP110ECCC thanks
  2. I can't find which tactic you mean. The only one I found is this The 4141 is P102EC, is this?
  3. hey knap, which tactics do you recommend for aston villa? I am not finding regular results
  4. hey knap, what tactics do you recommend for half board teams? other than 4-4-2
  5. Any tactics that are of possession and good soccer style tiki taka, or guardiola style in the city? Thanks
  6. Press 110. always use the same tactic, do not change anything against the big ones (bayern, man utd)
  7. TIME 343 P110 is a beast!!! Celtic no Transfers (Only GK, Marchesin)
  8. Hey, knap, what tactics do you recommend for Celtic?, thanks.
  9. Very good tactic!! Transfers, Cristian Pavón and Exequiel Palacios.
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