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  1. Over-rated players

    Ibrahimovic is the most overrated player in FM. Rooney and Lampard good squad players lmfao some people are seriously deluded. Ronaldo is very under-rated and Silva is way overrate as is Fernandez. I think Messi might even be a tad bit underrated. The whole arsanal team is overrated too they're abunch of bottlers irl. Mutu is absolute quality irl he was just at chavski at a bad time. Kaka only has a 14 for passing that's ridiculous he's one of the best passers in the world. Ok I'm done I could go on all night that's why I stay away from the editor it's an endless process.
  2. With that in mind, would you consider using a top level MC rather than a AMC in that role then? Ideally I'd want to have someone who could play in both roles but that's pretty rare with regens (im in 2015 now). My current player is called Carlos Saez and has 17 for long shots but he cannot play in the MC role. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I use Moutinho in that role and he performs class with Silva and Kaka or Fernandez on either side. I usually get a natural MC and retrain him at ACM so he can play both it's also good if he can tackle ok and has good positioning and strength as he is the center of the whole formation. I use V1 by the way
  3. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    whats the corner cheat?? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> set your best header on challenge GK and deliver your corners to the 6 yard box and watch the goals fly
  4. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    Here's my 3 Brazilian gems Walter, Tales and Gerson http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...w&current=Walter.jpg http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...ew&current=Tales.jpg http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...w&current=Gerson.jpg Here's John Bostock http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...&current=Bostock.jpg here's Sakho http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...ew&current=Sakho.jpg My best Regen so far Sergie Stepanov http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...current=Stepanov.jpg
  5. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    End of 6th Season and I've built a super team Gk) Gordon/Agilardi RB) De Silvestri/Faubert LB) Taiwo/Bale CB) Sakho/Fazio CB) Richards/Gerson DM) Veloso/Lucas DM) Banega/Sunny AM) Kaka/Fernandez AM) Moutinho/Bostock AM) Silva/Tales ST) Bojan/Torres/Walter I'll post afew screenies in a bit of some of the more unknown players but John Bostock from Palace develops very well he's got 5 caps and 5 goals for England already at 21.
  6. --Official-- British gems thread.

    Chris McCann from Burnley and Marvin Elliot from Bristol City are both absolute quality
  7. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    Mate your attack looks class but your defence is abit weak you need a RB badly and maybe another CB too. Look into Micah Richards to take over from King as he's getting older by 4th season and Dani Alves or Carlos Diogo or Clerc for RB.
  8. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    that happened to me first season as well I was livid
  9. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    `2nd Season Review I almost won it but in the end the gooners beat me out giving me a good 3-0 kicking at emircrap stadium in the run in so I finished 2nd but I did win the LC. The Jan transfer window was crazy on top of losing Woodgate and VDV, Milan came in with a 30mil bid for Lloris which Levy promptly accepted then I sold Keane for 10.5 mil to man city and Taarabt went to Lyon for 8 mil. I bought Moutinho for 22mil to replace VDV and I brought in Kroos on a 12 month loan as back up. I bought Amelia for 4.9mil and Hart for 5mil to replace Lloris and Amelia has made the #1 spot his plus his stats keep going up. I'm 9 games into the 3rd season and I've won them all so I'm 8 points ahead of the gooners at the minute who are in 2nd. I sold Rafinha for 14.25mil to Everton because he was a red card waiting to happen and he started to hate me because I kept fining him for it. I also sold Amauri for 17.75mil to Roma because he was almost 30 wasn't doing as well as I had hoped for. I only bought 4 players at the beginning of this season I couldn't get Lyon to sell me Clerc so I bought Baines for 8mil and have Bale on the right as I'd retrained him all ready. I also bought Johnson from City for 14mil and Adriano from Inter for 3.4mil and Ricardo Oliviera from Milan for 3.1mil here's a screen shot of my squad for the 09/10 season http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...rrent=untitled-1.jpg
  10. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    Are you using that Kims Vs2 tactic Billy? If so, I find this happens a lot. AI defences just cant cope with it, it is quite brilliant. You have the opposition defence totally overloaded, the DMC's are attacking wingers, 2 of the AMC's are strikers either side of your main striker. Opposition defences dont know who to pick up & if they have a DMC he doesn't know whether to pick up your central striker (Berbs) or the deeper lying AMC playmaker, either way there's always a man free & your team just passes around the edge of the opposition box until a gap inevitably appears. It really is genius. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I was using V1 in that game it works good against chavski for me and I find it more solid defensively. Have you changed anything in V2 to make it better defensively? I find teams with pacey attacking players like manure can really rack the goals up when I use V2.
  11. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    A good tactic to use is Kimz V1 or V2 it's over in the tactics forum and should be somewhere on the first page. You will need to buy new ACM for it to work good though and maybe a DM too.
  12. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    CH CH CH CHECK THIS OUT BERBY AT HIS BEST http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm27/Gazzaisgreat/?a...w&current=Berby7.jpg Is it just me or do chavski always leave a gaping hole in the middle of their defence. On my save their 2 CBs always pull out to the FB position and Berbatov has a field day. He usually scores 3 or 4 against them but today he took the P!SS.
  13. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    Easy answer to this problem Billy. NEVER reject an offer, just negotiate for the price of a better replacement player. I had Diego & he was playing great for me, Roma came in I negotiated & they accepted so the player went. I then got Aimar to replace him who has been easily as good & I had a load of extra cash to strengthen elsewhere. The team rarely accepts & if they do you get a better player , no probs. When the offer is rejected a player will get the hump when you negotiate they very rarely do. Also the chairman will never intervene as the buying club will either accept or reject your offer. "I don't know why everyone wants to leave maybe because I fine them 2weeks wages for every red card or crap performance." That's harsh & I dont know what positive effect you're looking for here. I only fine players if they miss training & a red card or bad performance (6 or less ) justs get's a dissapointed from me. Anything else is counter productive IMO despite what you may feel. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I usually do negotiate but for some reason I didn't this time but I ain't really to fussed about it. I brought in Fazio to replace Woody and I don't really need to buy anyone to replace VDV or Taarabt because I'm pretty deep in the ACM position. I always fine them for missing training, red cards or 5 or less performances because that's not acceptable plus they don't desrve their pay check if they don't perform to an acceptable level. Most of the time they accept it and if they don't I dump them into the reserves until they get over it.
  14. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    I've just had a mini crisis in 2nd season beginning of Jan transfer market. It seems me being joint top of the league with the gooners I'm ahead on goals aint good enough for Woody or VDV because pool and barca came in for them I rejected and now they want to jump ship so I offer them out for 30 mil a piece and then Levy accepts 8.75mil for Woody from pool and 14.25mil for VDV from barca. Taarabt is also looking to jump ship so I'll probably offload him too. I don't know why everyone wants to leave maybe because I fine them 2weeks wages for every red card or crap performance.
  15. FM 2008 : Tottenham Hotspur - Home of The Spurs

    I've got Lloris handling up to 19 and reflexs up to 20 and I offloaded Robbo for 6.5mil to Derby. How much you pay for Micah I really want him in my squad but I'ma play him CB along side King or Woody