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  1. With that in mind, would you consider using a top level MC rather than a AMC in that role then? Ideally I'd want to have someone who could play in both roles but that's pretty rare with regens (im in 2015 now). My current player is called Carlos Saez and has 17 for long shots but he cannot play in the MC role. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I use Moutinho in that role and he performs class with Silva and Kaka or Fernandez on either side. I usually get a natural MC and retrain him at ACM so he can play both it's also good if he can tackle ok and has good positioning and strength as he is the center of the whole formation. I use V1 by the way
  2. been trying out both V1 and V2 imo V1 is alot better and doesn't concede nearly as many goals also in the last 10-15 minutes of a game before AI switches to 424 you need a good 4141 deep defensive tactic to counter that.
  3. Good job mate I just downloaded it and got it installed I had to change afew of the positions like Gazza to MC/ACM and Barnes to LW but overall it was a great job thanks alot. I also moved Vivian Woodward to chelski and in turn Gary Lineker to Tottenham. Afew more players definately needed for the next update. Bill Nicholson - RB - Spurs Dave Mackay - DM - Spurs or Hearts Danny Blanchflower - CB - Spurs Glenn Hoddle - AM RLC - Spurs or Monaco Gustavo Poyet - ACM - Real Zaragoza Jackie Milburn - ST - Newcastle David Ginola - LW - PSG Shiny223 that picture looks class and would make the datbase even better. How do you add your own pictures to the game?
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