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  1. Timo, Latvia, Lithuania, San Marino, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan... Full UEFA legaues good work
  2. UPDATE V1.2!! Without improve youth rating! Only Transfer Preferences. Download link - first post enjoy
  3. are thousands upon thousands of changes. What you need to know in this update is that it improves the transfer function of both your club and all AI clubs
  4. I invite you to do a test with my update. A test in which the best 20 European leagues are active and you will notice that English players are not as good as you say. Better, English teams can win European competitions yes but because they have tremendous and gigantic financial power ... good save
  5. Hello, After some time working on this update, it’s my pleasure to present to you guys this amazing improvement for the gameplay of FM. This file brings more realism to transfers market of the game, to your team as to all teams (AI Teams). The update influences all the gameplay of the game, you will have more teams (for other countries) interested in your players, just like in real life. For example, teams from Luxembourg have a preference to buy German players and teams from Macedonia prefer to buy Brazilian and Servian players. By creating this update, I just improved the market transfer preference of all European countries. Obviously, this update will extend your player search, especially, because the transfer market that we have nowadays is worldwide I remind you all that this improvement only affects professional teams. UPDATE!! Without improve youth rating! Only Transfer Preferences. Next: South America DOWNLOAD V1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gvi81da9gn4ijrf/CVFerdinand+1.2_+Transfer+Preferences+.fmf good saves
  6. Hello hello Is there a mechanism in editor for a division to be professional? And that teams when they promoted to this division are automatically change to professional team? Thanks
  7. I don't found any error but I load Faroe, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain and England... for exemple, click on faroe flag (to national team) and show the crush dump...
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