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  1. These groups shold be organised by region (by latitude) and randomly clubs from islands (Madeira and Azores)
  2. hello same mistake CNS (portuguese 4tier) is organized by latitude ...
  3. Naval under-19 and Naval under-19 B can't play in the same division
  4. U can change this? you can rename this awards? like "Equipa da Semana - CNS" ...
  5. Hello Pandora! another year another great job! (y) well, Mesao Frio (ID:84107154) dont have two under-19 teams... Only one
  6. Timo, Latvia, Lithuania, San Marino, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan... Full UEFA legaues good work
  7. UPDATE V1.2!! Without improve youth rating! Only Transfer Preferences. Download link - first post enjoy
  8. are thousands upon thousands of changes. What you need to know in this update is that it improves the transfer function of both your club and all AI clubs
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