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  1. Well that's my season effectively over, here are my last 3 results. We led in the Chelsea game and they weren't in it, until my aml's two yard pass to his team mate turned into a 30 yard through ball, then Willian jumps highest from a Chelsea corner and its all over. We have an attacking throw deep in Reading territory, as in most cases the throw is aimed straight at the opposition and its now 1-0 to them, another goal from a corner finishes us off. Two more corners get West Brom the draw, we have now suddenly conceded more goals from corners in the last 3 games than we had all season. Notice too how in each game we conceded the AI scored with ALL their decent efforts. I have the 2nd leg of the CL first knockout round coming up otherwise I would already have switched the game off. By the way, the Chelsea defeat was my first home defeat of the season and only my third in the league overall(29 games played)
  2. Good post and I do understand what your saying here. Real life Football is certainly unjust, I was happy for Arsenal or Liverpool to win the EPL this year, just to have a different winner for a change, plus, I love the way both managers play football. However, having watched a few Liverpool games recently, it appears they have turned into the new Man Utd, with the title seemingly been handed to them on a plate. Back to FM and I do feel as if the "luck factor" is 90 odd % in favour of the AI, if I could get that down to around 75-80% i'd probably stop getting so frustrated
  3. Cheers Hunter, the shots on target issue seems to come and go and I have not really worked out why, but I can say that a LOT of the shots that are off target are usually in and around the penalty area and the six yard box and both my key strikers are scoring around a goal a game.
  4. These are the kinds of results and performances i'm used to...... Because I can achieve this, I feel the game throws in some kind of "leveller" just to stop me winning everything. I'd much prefer a game that doesn't have to resort to such underhand "tactics" (pun intended)
  5. This topic has come about after posting many of my frustrations in the feedback thread and was suggested by the moderator Hunter, to whom I thank. First off, I'd prefer to keep this thread to a light hearted discussion, as opposed to a heated debate with petty name calling and such. As an example of what I mean by the thread title, here is a look at the half time stats from a recent game of mine... I did manage to eventually draw the game, but this notification of how there goal was scored only makes things worse..... Now, i'm not one of those people who want to win every match, this is nothing whatsoever to do with that, so please refrain from such references and concentrate on WHY this is happening. I just wondered what other peoples thoughts were when it came to this kind of thing? i'm happy to take some of the blame for it, but my personal belief is that there is something awry with the ME itself and how games and goals are calculated. Your thoughts?
  6. I'll admit to about 15-20% of it being my own fault, but the rest is all FM.
  7. Trolling, isn't that what YOU do Dave??? I'm simply pointing out what I think are flaws in the game at the end of the day.
  8. Its 100% down to luck(or the other thing I mentioned). We had a goal disallowed that should have counted, Arsenal were handed their goals on a plate, I lost my two key strikers within a couple of days of each other and my 3rd striker struggled to convert some easy chances. That's a whole lot of bad luck right there.
  9. I'll just share with you my most recent frustration. Here goes.............. Two days before a big away game away to Arsenal(its close to Christmas) I lose one of my two KEY strikers to a training ground injury. Me being me and because of what I keep witnessing, I think to myself I just bet my other top striker gets injured during the game. I know, paranoid right?.................wrong, he is taken out during the game and is injured for 3 months(my other injured striker is now on international duty for a month or so). That's all pretty frustrating bet hey ho such is life. The extra kicker is, I draw the game against Arsenal 2-2 having had a goal disallowed for a foul in which my player(the apparent culprit) was nowhere near the foulee, I complained after the game and the FA kept quiet, so more bad luck. Also, Arsenal scored with their only two shots on target which were both courtesy of unforced player errors. It get worse, I then play away to a struggling Everton side, we dominate the entire game but my 3rd choice striker fails to find the net(or the target for that matter) Screenshots from both games... It just seems strange that the only luck I get is bad
  10. I use the Control tactic when i'm clear favourite home and away. The "Standard" tactic is for tight odds games against similar teams and is also used when I have a good lead having used the Control tactic. The Counter tactic is used when i'm clear underdog, or usually to see out the last 5 or 10 minutes of a tight game.
  11. It was actually a PM and what he said was "I can't see anything wrong with it, apart from there being too many team instructions".
  12. I'm not using the C word as i'm not categorically saying that it exists, it may just be a glitch with the ME due to all the number crunching the game does. Did you mean a new thread in the "Tactics" section? if so, I already did, I have even asked wwfan about the tactics I used and he very kindly told me that they are solid.
  13. Yet another chance to top the table passes us by. This time I didn't switch, we were so far on top, of course this was Fulham's very 1st shot of the game, Ashley Barnes scores an "outstanding" lob(take a look at the player) we also managed to miss a penalty to win the game(AI have not missed in about 12 seasons). It feels like i'm just following a path that has already been set in stone.
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