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  1. My suggestions are based upon creating a more realistic transfer market. -Better scouting/training/youth system would be a great improvement: Big clubs should have a scouting network/infrastructure and all clubs should have an option to improve there network. It should be a very expensive upgrade, i'm talking about 100 million euro investments, that only pay of in a long period of time. For example, IRL Ajax have a scouting/training infrastructure that allows them to get hold of the best talents in (South) Africa, and they invest money in clubs like Ajax Cape Town. As a manager/club you should be able to arrange contracts with satellite clubs to get certain advantages when you want to bring a talent from their clubs to your team. In exchange you invest money in their training/youth facilities. -Some clubs have history of scouting in certain regions. It would be cool if they are better at scouting in these regions and much worse in others, unless they invest in the other regions. For example PSV have attracted a lot of brazilian talents that became/ will become big players: romario, ronaldo, alex, gomes, robert -Clubs have to protect their talents better, if they are financially able. Why sell your best talent for 1 million when they will be worth 5 in a year or two. Or they should atleast try to get future transfer percentage clauses. -Experience should be a factor that affects the ratings of a player and their value aswell. Playing (well) in the champions league should give a boost to value and experience. -Older players should be expensive because of their experience. In fm2006 older players are very cheap. As a result the transfers for older players are very unrealistic. They go to small clubs and play untill they are 38 or so. -Loyal players should go back to their old club for a year or 2 and perhaps get a role in the club as non-player. In my opinion this should make the transfer market more realistic and it's much more fun to play the game till 2015 or so.
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