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  1. Anything for me being an underdog man? Know any tactics? Pref counter with one up front? Cheers
  2. Trying to work out how to help it all shape together, if you know what I mean? Like make it so that my wingers and full backs will bomb forward when they counter attack? Thanks a lot by the way Took hassle off, just drew 1-1 to Swansea at home which is a bit annoying but this formation seems pretty defensively sound in comparison this time, without being fully familiar that is.
  3. Suggest I remove Hassle then, eh? Cheers fella. I'll have a play.
  4. Any TI's for a counter attacking tactic?.. Underdog style. I'm currently running 4-2-3-1 Counter/rigid TI's - Lower tempo, short passing, drill crosses, drop deeper, hassle opp, get stuck in, more discipline, narrower, stick to positions Roles/duties: GK - D FBs - S CDs - D BWM - D DLP - D AP - A DW/Ws - S AF - A
  5. Uh not sure where to start then lol Patch 14.3. I want/need to use a formation using wingers/def wingers and not IF/APs. Preferably 4-2-3-1 as I don't have enough strength in depth for DM but have enough for AM's I'll list my issues. - Promoted with a team nowhere near the quality needed for promotion, couldn't strengthen enough around the squad so had to buy loads of players, disrupting backroom probably - No defensive stability - No creativity really coming from the squad due to lack of quality in comparison to their team Just made another tactic 4-2-3-1 GK - D FBs - S CDs - D BWM - D DLP - D Ws - S AP - A AF - A Counter/Rigid TI - Lower tempo, hassle opp, stuck in, more discipline, stick to positions, drop deeper, play narrower, drill crosses (short strikers) Not sure what else to include? I have also been using this formation in the championship, where I was absolutely wrecking teams 4-2-3-1 control/rigid GK - D FBs - S CD - D DLP - D BWM - D AP - A AF - A Ws - S TI - short passing, drill crosses, wider, higher up, hassle opp, stuck in, tight marking, offside trap, higher tempo, pass into space, run at defence, more discipline and stick to positions. But I thought using this wouldn't be as effective as I'll need to play much safer with my current team. Cheers.
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if you had anything for me. I got promoted in my first season with Brighton with a 4-2-3-1 off FM Base, but now it doesn't seem that my team will be able to avoid relegation without changing tactics to something a bit more cautious or whatever. Any tips? Maybe a 4-1-2-2-1 would be a better change? I'm not sure aha.
  7. Hello guys, my first post. I'm struggling like mad on FM this year round with 4231 with Bolton, and any other formation I use for any other team. Not sure what I'm doing but there we have it. I only know one decent formation and that is the Arrigo Sacchi remake. I want something like 442 or 4231 really as these 2 are my more favoured formations. I also like 424 as it's essentially the same. Any tips? Cheers. PS - I don't really care for possession tactics, I'm more into attacking/counter attacking style.
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