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  1. Have to agree with the general sentiment that this ME is one of the worst I can remember. There's the odd moment of brilliance but 85% of the goals still come from set pieces. Besides that there seems to be some sort of fixture in games where you can have 20 shots on target and the opposition win with just one. Ye that always happened but it's getting more common now. Another thing that wasn't yet fixed since previous FMs is teams underestimating and being complacent against low rep teams. Sure it makes sense but the game exaggerates the effect. My first season in Europe and I keep smashing much bigger teams 7, sometimes 8-0. If it's like last year they will start playing seriously from the quarter-finals or so.
  2. I've seen aggression lower after fining players for red cards. But can't be scientifically 100% sure.
  3. Depends on the opponent. With the home advantage attribute boost its wise to be a bit more cautious. There are multiple things you can do like taking advantage of their more attacking fullbacks. Generally it's dangerous to give them too much space so I prefer to pin my wingers forward to give them more to think about.
  4. Have been wondering what would be my first long term save in FM19 and, after some trials and error, decided on Northern Ireland. Last year I did the youth challenge in Russia and while I committed some mistakes and stopped playing before winning the UCL I had lots of fun so I'll be doing the same challenge again. "The Seasiders" were just promoted to the Belfast Telegraph Championship 2 which is the 3rd level of the Norther Irish football pyramid. Bangor FC's peak was in the 90s where they managed a 2nd place in the Irish League, qualifying to the Continental Competitions. They also won the Irish Cup in a two match final against the bitter rivals Ards. The Manager Born and raised in a seaside town in the north of Portugal, the manager will try to reform the club with his philosophy, player DNA and, naturally, results, in order to cement Bangor FC as the leading producer of talent in Northern Ireland.
  5. Sup guys, just started this year's challenge with Bangor FC aka The Seaman In Northern Ireland. I had loads of fun last year with the same challenge but in Russia. Thought I'd give it a go in a very minor league. We will be competing in the 3rd level of the Northern Irish football system so It's gonna be a long ride. coach club
  6. On the plane to Northern Ireland. Anyone managing there? Will be a long night ahead, finding the reset dates and picking a team!
  7. End of season 2019/2020 It comes to a close and my first complete season at a club couldn't have been better! Despite our early elimination from the Cup we ended up as Champions beating Vizela in the final after a very tough and heart shattering semi's where we won the lottery in the penalties against a very strong União da Madeira. The final's man of the match was Emerson Souza (center midfielder), closely followed by Joao Louzada (center attacking midfielder). Both the best performers in the team over the season although the former joined us in January, just in time to add us a tremendous consistency and overall quality in our play. Louzada scored an impressive 20 goals playing in the hole either as a shadowstriker or an attacking mid, depending if i wanted him to drift too much from the center. It was very much clear since I firstly arrived, that I would look to make use of his athleticism. Emerson was a great coup though. I would love to keep him next year but with we going Professional, I have no idea how the team will be. Most of these will leave in the next weeks. I left set pieces as default but we had one player really good at them (16). He lost his space in the first team in the second part of the season but still did a few cameos only to make use of his dead ball ability! Next season I'll look to improve and do a proper set piece routine. Lastly, we ended the season playing a simple low block 4411 but I would like to come up with something more interesting for next season. But it will depend a lot on the players available. For now I'll be focusing on a new staff team and doing the right preparations for the season, now that we've become professional! See ya soon.
  8. End of season update In the end we had to deal with a drop of form and due to our striker getting injured for almost 2 months but with the January addition of Porto's B center midfielder Emerson Souza we became much more solid. It was with relative ease that we maintained the 1st place. We had to make an adjustment in the final bit of games due to the injured striker and using our right winger in his place. A very different player though, without the strength to hold the ball and play with the back against the goal but with much more speed and agility saw us change his role to a false 9 but dropping to the flanks where he could use the pace to its full extent. Overall very pleased and surprised with the results, however, it's not over yet, there's the playoffs to be played: They don't call it the hell hole for nothing. Once a team goes down to this division (consisting of 4 groups) it's very hard to get back into the professional levels. Only 2 teams go up and these games are of maximum difficulty. Right away i spot União da Madeira, who will be in our way if we get to the semis. They were in the first portuguese league not long ago and have resources other teams here don't have. But I believe if we play it seriously without rushing it we can make it.
  9. December 2019 Update Things are going way better than expected. After a slowish start we hit some good form and are now joint 1st and beating all expectations. Louzada has been one of our best players and our top scorer, as a shadow striker. We usually deploy a sort of 442 with 2 DMs which has a medium block press. Sometimes we stretch our play or sit back and play more on the counter depending how the game goes and opposition plays. Highlight to that 8-0 win which opposition played with a narrow 424 diamond without wide play so we just made my FBs into WBs, played much wider and we ran circles around their fullbacks! I tweak a lot during games unless we are winning 2-0 or so. I have a fluid counter and park the bus base tactic on the other slots. This sort of 442 is the one we've been having more success though. We started with a 4411 but i felt we needed to press much higher for it to be effective so it changed to 2 DMs. I like the mids to start deeper and do vertical runs which enables them to be, overall, more present in the build up phases. Sometimes i tweak their mentalities depending if any opposition midfield is having too much time on the ball. Thw winger are versatile, they get into 1on1's on the wing but also appear in the box which i prefer rather than out and out wingers who dribble too much even when they lack the ability to do so. The striker has been playing great, he has good strength so sometimes he plays as a deep lying forward to exploit the space in front of the CBs. Usually though he goes as a pressing forward, does simple lay out passes and disrupts their playing from the back. Lastly, the CBs are quite adventurous. Bidi likes to bring the ball up the pitch and Serginho is pretty good on the ball so it's common to see one of my CBs to bring the ball and get it to the wingers, bypassing the first line of pressure. We are still conceding a bit of too many goals but our GK options aren't good atm I'm trying to upgrade but it's a slow process of trialing and scouting until we find a suitable player. We bought a lot of free players and trialed even more but we are still lacking some better attacking options. Got a new DM on loan from Porto B, Emerson Souza, and I'm excited to see what he brings to the team. Hopefully we can hang on to the 1st place but it won't be easy and I'll also be trying to upgrade our options, within reason and without breaking the squad's harmony.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised when Lamego offered me the job. It took one full season of game time to finally get a proper job and this club in particular is quite interesting. Firstly, the club which was founded in 1934 as a Sporting Club Portugal affiliate, is based on the nice city of Lamego in the municipality of Viseu district, which is in the interior and north region of Portugal, far from the industrial big cities in the sea side. There's quality of life and plenty of history to be found in Lamego. They never won any professional competitions and play their home games at Estádio dos Remédios which boasts a capacity of 10000 people but seems to have only 3500 available on FM. One sure positive are the good training and youth facilities already at their disposal. Surprising since it's a recently promoted club from a non-playable league. We have 1 month to get ourselves ready to what will be an extremely tough but enriching season. Among all 72 teams scattered in 4 groups of 18, we are joint favorites for... relegation. It's quite a feat. Truthfully, the team has NO staff and not nearly enough players. We will surely try to bring a couple players once we take care of the staff and decide the basic tactical framework for the team. Thankfully, even though the finances don't allow much freedom, the club is debt free for now which, at least, will allow me to focus on the football side of things for the following season.
  11. Hello there and welcome to my first Football Manager save. I'll be documenting the exploits of Pedro Alves in the recent FM19 version of our favorite simulation game! Going by the name of Pedro Alves I decided to start my FM19 journey as unemployed with only the Portuguese leagues loaded. I have a good computer but i like the days to go by quickly without too much background processing. Later on I might load other leagues but for now I'll be fighting myself up from the depths of the Portuguese leagues. With a past of semi-professional football and a Continental B license, it wasn't easy to find a job. A few interviews but only in April I was able to sign a contract and have a team to manage. The club was Agueda and this was their current standings with only two games to go. As a token of their faith (or desperation) I accepted the challenge. Tried to rally the troops for two epic matches while Pedras Rubras would have to lose twice and Maritimo B and Gondomar to also end below us, but alas, it was not meant to be... Despite my motivational attempts and tactical flair we lost 5-0 to Cinfães on the first game, costing me the job on the very same day. Yep, waited almost one full season for a job and got fired on the next day! Not a great entry to the epic tale of Pedro Alves surely. Back to the job hunt and now pre-season once again it took several weeks, which turned to months and repetive interviews to finally have a proper chance in a club. The club who hired me was none other than the recently promoted Sporting Clube Lamego. We will be playing in the Campeonato de Portugal (B series) and try to avoid relegation to hopefully build the foundations for promotion to Ledman Ligapro (Professional Portuguese 2nd divsion) but we'll get to that in the next post! Thanks for reading.
  12. Was there any need to quote the whole message? The thread is almost impossible to read now, good job.
  13. I usually win it with Porto in the first or second season. Last save i won it on the second when actually not expecting it since we lost many key players. You need luck and a solid system going and also understand how you can nullify certain AI systems. I found it very easy to beat Barcelona and Madrid on the way to the final but, on the other hand, Spurs proved much more difficult with their 3421 (2 amcs) so we had to change tactics from our usual 442.
  14. They used a 433 99% of the time. A 442 diamond for tough away matches.
  15. Some of the best content I've read FM related. Only wish there were more!
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