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  1. Season 5 review This time i was a bit too lazy and the save was quite uneventful to do more regular updates so the bottom line is, we were undefeated champions again. Our objective was to score much more goals and have much less draws. First half of the season our more direct style was effective but same old stuff happened in the second half. Teams were just happy to play defensive home or away and often have no shot attempts. 77 goals, 8 draws and 0 defeats. It's getting boring domestically. Feréncvaros improved throughout the season but Videoton almost got relegated. Mostly used a direct gegenpress style 4231 but when things got stale i tried other ways to no avail. The problem is more squad building than tactics. When you're limited to Hungarian and Austrian players and playing in that low reputation league, you won't have many options for first team players. Youngsters need many years to be ready as well so we can't really find a cohesive system because the players are what we get rather than what we want. In the CL we got 3rd in the group stages behind Arsenal and Inter and one point over Monaco. I was happy to play in the Europa league but then a bug happened. We played the first hand with Sevilla but the 2nd leg never happened and the competition went on ahead without us... A similar calendar bug happened in the save before but I was using non official transfer update which most likely broke the save. This time however, I haven't used anything, no editors, no subscriptions and no custom files. Biró had his breakthrough season with 28 goals in 29 games! A physical striker that thrived with a more direct attacking style. Next season plans: I think it might be next season that we will finally feature an academy made spine. Some of our best prospects are ready for first team and this time we might play a 442 to have more people in the box and score even more goals!
  2. I think the game favours defensive formations more. You see most exploit tactics being with attacking mentality but it's mostly due more bruteforcing chances. Very difficult to break defensive sides down without some major gymnastics. I easily won the UCL with the counter or park the bus presets as underdog.
  3. Season 4 part 2 As expected we didn't go past Liverpool but we beat them 1-0 at home. We've used either the Counter or the Park the bus preset all CL campaign. We lost in the penalties against a recovering Feréncvaros at their stadium. I'm still fuming about it. As usual we dominated them all match and they just dedended with a deep 442dm formation and hoped for the penalties. We didn't create quality chances despite dominating the game but it has been the case in the league as well. Our best finish was 76pts so we overdid our record by 1pt. 63 goals scored, exacly the same as last season so I guess there weren't many improvements made. The players have developed but we kept changing tactics all year. Our more experienced players are getting too old and slow to start but the young talented ones despite what their agents say, still lack the key attributes to really score many goals. Or perhaps it's me who isn't extracting the best in them. Fact is, every team parks the bus against us and we can't really buy anyone to improve, due to our club and league rep or to the transfer contraints i set in the beginning of the save. There's very little Hungarian or even Austrian players that are great and not only are willing to join but also aren't of "balanced" personality (which is always a shot in the dark). Anyway, busy summer ahead. I had issues with a very long squad this season but this time we will be 23 and we will aim to score more goals and play more attacking!
  4. Season 4 part 1 It's winter break and we've got some news. League form has been good, although we still find ourselves blocked against very defensive sides. It's something I have yet to crack before FM20. Players just stop with the ball and do miss ridiculously easy passes. Ye, the same Ferencváros who finished the first season with only 1 defeat is now in 8th place... Huntelaar never really stood a chance with 3 at tactical knowledge. Their new manager is our ex HoYD. Odd choice to say the least. Decent attributes but no managing past and his manager profile is the complete opposite of what they have been doing. 4222 and very cautious playing mentality, can't see it go very well but let's see! We are cruising the Cup. And just check this out. We made it to the group stages! Sweet revenge with Slavia. A new rivalry is born? After two shocking wins against Ajax but especially Bayern teams took us more seriously and wiped the floor. We did our best to keep the results respectable and a final draw against Ajax gave us the final standing of: That's right! I knew we had a chance before Ajax game but we were only focused in securing a 3rd place, never expected Bayern to lose home against Rome. We made it through the KO's stages with only 2 wins and 1 draw! Jokes on you Bayern and Ajax! Liverpool is next. I'd prefer Europa League to be honest. We'd have more chances to progress but there's the prize money and reputation boost at least. We will do our best to go out in style!
  5. I usually just change to counter with no TIs and it works well. Might push the line up a bit and adjust defensive width depending on some factors
  6. Season 3 review With less rotation, the team felt much more comfortable and even ended on a high. We used the 4231 throughout the season but we dialed the mentality back to normal while pressing higher and more. It worked out well but I'm afraid we might run into some bad spells next season by congesting space too much. However, I'm tempted to keep the system as the current and upcoming young players all fit a winger system and we don't have many options for the striker position so there's that. This time we largely exceeded Rebrov's Ferencvaros in goals as well which was one of my objectives for this season. Hopefully we improve on that series of draws next year. After 3 seasons in, Rebrov threw the towel and resigned from Ferencváros. They signed a familiar face as well but I know for a fact he wasn't first choice. Let's see what our strongest rivals can do. An offensive style with their superior players can always do damage even with a limited tactical knowledge. Meanwhile we keep building our future by signing promising youngsters for the u19s to be developed with our superior facilities and personnel. Our upgraded facilities took a toll on our finances so unless there's a major sale I don't plan to have a significant purchase. In other news, AC Milan won the Europa League and Atlético won the UCL for the 2nd time in 3 years.
  7. Cheers! It's been a fun save so far. We were predicted to be 3rd at the start of the game but it's actually a very challenging league where the skill level is quite balanced between the teams. And it will be a while before we ever become relevant in Europe.
  8. Season 3 part 2 Still no defeats in the league but, like in the previous season, our performances are becoming bad after the winter break. It's the same tactic throughout the season and the same players. Lot's of injuries but that doesn't explain everything. Fairly unremarkable campaign in the Europa league as well. Not an easy group to be fair. Biró lost the goalscoring sprout from earlier but hopefully we find our form sooner rather than later and see out the season as champions. Fairly happy with player development this year and very excited with a 15 year old center back that came through our academy. Could he become our own De Ligt? Let's find out!
  9. I'd change your striker to a more advancing role to pin defenders back and leave enough room for the two IF-S and Attacking mid.
  10. I don't think attacking is overpowered against defensive (or vice-versa) in FM19. But I do believe it's unbalanced and unrealistic. On one hand, It's fairly easy to defend. If you set up your team to shut up shop, you can keep the ball in your defense, due to higher number of players there, the lower tempo and the lower risk mentality. Keeping the ball you won't concede. And there has been many players complaining that they can't get high possession numbers, precisely because the weaker teams are happy to stay back with the ball. But on the other hand, if you are playing your normal game, 442, 4231, 433 whatever and winning, the AI will change to a 433 narrow or a 424 or other ultra attacking tactic (along with mentality) and suddenly look like prime Barcelona. Why? because you're still on your normal tactics and you concede a goal after battering them all game. For this i set up a 541 defensive strategy for when AI goes full attack. Bottom line, I think it's way too easy to score against attacking teams and too difficult to score against defensive teams. In my Puskas Akadémia save, second season, barely any transfers, i beat a full strength Roma in their stadium. In terms of attributes my team is below Championship level. I also beat Celtic 6-0 and other similar results. But against minnows in the league? a complete nightmare. They change to a 433 narrow and they score with their first shot.
  11. Season 3 part 1 We only had time for 2 friendlies before the UCL kicked in. Firstly we took care of our Aktobe, our old friends from Khazakstan. We went past them last year so we did the same this time again with no issues. The 0-0 draw at home in the first leg was already indicative of our penetration problems with the new tactical system. At the same time we were drawing against teams parking the bus in the league. Or conceding a draw when they went gun-ho such as a 433 narrow. In the UCL we were lucky against Maccaibi in the first leg but were much superior at home. Celtic was the same, we "survived" with a 1-2 defeat. They are 10 times better than us in individual skill but we thumped them 6-0 at home. Only Slavia Prague was separating us and UCL group stage and a small fortune and we even started magnificently with a 2-1 win at their place. But in the 2nd leg at home we lost 1-3 in what was a very even match in terms of chances. We go again to the Europa league and the draw wasn't kind for us at all. Very happy with our business this summer. Didn't lose any key player and our sound finances helped us to hang on to them. Adorján was our major transfer. He's an Hungarian number 10 picked from Vicenza. Kevin Varga was 245k from Debrecen. Will play on the left and cut inside. Nice personality and Hungarian. The other players all fit these requirements, except some are Austrian. Tactical Style Formation A 4411 Mourinho inspired formation. (Note that we usually use a FB-s on the right instead, unless it's a strong opponent) Two solid banks of four in defence. Strong double pivot to give stability in midfield along with an average defensive line. One attacking wingback (Like Marcelo) and the other more defensive (FB-s in the league). Creative right winger and spearhead attacker on the left (a Ronaldo wannabe). A number 10 Mourinho style. Looks for the deadly pass for the striker and runners from behind. Quick tempo puts opposition into constant pressure. Short passing to mitigate the more direct passing in attack with positive mentality. DLP and Treq have more passing freedom to launch counters. Roles and Instructions Sweeper Keeper (Attack): N/A Right Fullback (Support): N/A Centre Back (Defend): Pass it Shorter Centre Back (Defend): Pass it Shorter Left Wingback (Support): Close Down More Right Wide Midfielder (Support): Take More Risks, Dribble More, Cut Inside, Close Down More, Get Further Forward Central Midfielder (Support): Close Down Less Deeplying Playmaker (Defend): Take More Risks, More Direct Passes Inverted Winger Left (Attack): Close Down More, Roam From Position Trequartista (Attack): N/A Pressing Forward (Support): N/A (Sometimes Move Into Channels) Still early days but the team is playing with solidity, something we lacked last year. Most of our conceded goals have been through individual merit rather than tactical mistakes. And we have yet to do defensive and offensive set pieces but I'm lazy too lazy for it. Our Ronaldo and Benzema wannabes have been the top scorers along with the right winger. Biró in particular seems to be "awakening" this season with 9 goals in 10. I'm getting him to unlearn his PPM but I use him as a PF on support to offset his natural inclination and I see him link up with the rest of the team. Two solid banks of four. The right center mid has close down less due to his more aggressive mental attributes and support duty which, overall, gives us a nice and solid presence in the middle of the pitch. We don't want to suffocate opposition into their box but we take control in the middle making it difficult for them to play. Without stretching too much, our defensive transitions are quicker and so is the offensive. Quick tempo makes sure we get into danger zones in a couple passes. In any case, we might need one or two tweaks to deal with very defensive teams better but I'll avoid changing it this season and see how it goes!
  12. End of Season 2 review Quite the dramatic ending. Gyõr got relegated with this defeat. Sadly, I can't say i had much fun this season. Yes we were champions but we were poor for too many games. And I, personally, lost the plot. One week i wanted possession and it worked, next week it didn't work and i tried more attacking styles. 433, 4231, 442, 343 and lately 424. They work one match then get stiffled the next. We got knocked out of the Cup in the semis by away goals and in the 2nd round of the Euro Cup against RB Leipzig. Here's the rest of the matches. Terrible form, especially towards the end. I just wanted the season to finish so I can start next season with a proper plan. It's a fantastic and historic season in terms of results but as I said, can't help but feel disappointed with how we played. Balogh was our best player of the season. Playmaker or Box to Box we did both well. A really all round player. The best thing about the season is that youngsters such as Tamás are playing well and developing. And next season we should add a couple more from the u19s. Now with UCL qualification we will have more money on top of our current transfer budget of 6M. There's not many options with our ruleset: Hungarian or Austrian players only and with good personalities. But let's see what happens!
  13. Season 2 Winter break Our league form has been very good. Teams are defending more but we are a gear or two above last season. We went from a 433 of last season to a 4141 to improve our solidity in the flanks, with the european competitions in mind. But with our struggle to overcome weaker opponents I've been testing a 442 and I think it might work with our players. We will have the winter break to improve. Our run in Europe has been insane but not completely suprising. In FM19 with a solid tactic and the right pre-match press conferences you can easily overcome a much superior team by laying off the pressure of your players and making opposition complacent. Still, beating Roma at their perch never crossed my mind. After this group stage we shouldn't be afraid of Slavia but I know how FM works and on KO rounds teams usually take things seriously. 2 points ahead of Ferencváros but we will lose a few key players in February. Lot's of work ahead.
  14. July 2019 We are back and we completely wrecked Ferencváros! Our attack is now much more potent thanks to to some excellent players returning from a season loan. It's how they start the game. Namely Perosevic and Henty, two very fast wide attackers. We cleared some "bad personalities" and players that were bad influence and got some nice additions. Priskin was 4th placed Haladás best player last season with 13 goals. Good personality and fits the deep lying striker role perfectly despite his age. The two Adáms follow the same logic and will add steel to our midfield. We lost some creativity in the middle of the park but this fits our style of play better, a bit like Liverpool. We already had the striker position covered but Biró was too good to let pass. Good personality, 21 years of age, Hungarian and a solid addition to the first team. I tried to get him last winter but he wasn't interested. The staff team has been overhauled and we should have slightly better results from training. And our great goal against Ferencváros. Our right winger uses his high acceleration to get past the LB, and passes to the DLF Priskin, who makes an amazing cutting pass to our IF Perosevic who then lays it on a plate for Vargas. Great result against Standard Liége. We played on the front foot otherwise their strong striker would kill us if we let them pour crosses. We will do the same on the second leg and hope to shut off their flanks.
  15. End of Season 1 review Finances are looking healthy and we have a transfer budget o 1.6M for the next season. I'll keep on with the strategy of buying good personalities that can still offer something in the pitch. The priority for now is to revamp the coaching staff! Here's the 1 season development of our best youngster. The tutor only came in during the February transfers and gave him a few games in the first team, scoring 4 goals. I'm happy they have been hitting good training ratings and I hope I can upgrade the coaching staff to see bigger improvements. Next season we will continue with the 433 but I'd like a more powerful deep lying striker and, perhaps a couple of defensive upgrades. Radó was our best players with 13 goals in the false 9 role but he is short and only has 5 strength. I'd like to play him more in the IF-A role and get a strong striker instead. But our market dealings will be difficult with only Hungarian and Austrian players to choose. Besides, they must have good personalities. Let's see what happens! In the rest of the world Atlético won the UCL, Chelsea the Europa League and Hungary has 0 wins in 4 games for the EC qualifiers. Ah, and Harry Kane won the Ballon D'or!
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